PatriotTM Host Software 1.0.3 Release Notes


Drivers\ Patriot USB drivers.
Linux\ Linux USB loader
PiMgr\ PiMgr Tracker Management GUI
SDK\ Polhemus Developer Interface (PDI) Software Development Kit
User Manual\ Patriot User Manual Rev B (.pdf)


Patriot USB Drivers
PatUSBLoader.sys v1.0.0
  • No Changes.
PatUSBDrv.sys v1.0.0
  • No Changes
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Linux USB Loader Package v1.0.0 These files are necessary to establish a USB connection with the Patriot from a Linux operating system. 
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PiMgr v2.1.1
What's New in v2.1.1
  • Recorded motion data can now be exported to .csv (comma separated values) or .txt files.
  • Full support for up to 16 sensors.
  • About dialog now displays version numbers of all installed USB drivers, as well as library and tracker firmware versions.
  • Sensor out-of-map condition displayed graphically by stippled sensor image in graphics view.
Bug Fixes
  • Improved real-time and recorded motion data display performance. Uses system idle time to display data; doesn't hog Windows resources.
  • Device->Device Configuration setting errors corrected.
  • Device->Select Startup Configuration error corrected.
  • Device->Device Configuration Source Mounting Frame type-in errors corrected.
  • Device->Device Configuration Filters doesn't lose previous settings when filters disabled.
  • Sensor out-of-map condition not treated like a runtime error: does not stop continuous capture.
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SDK v2.1.3
What's new in v2.1.3
  • Fully supports Patriot trackers as well as Liberty trackers with 4 to 16 sensors.
  • Added an internal running "HostFrameCount" that is reset each time continuous mode is started.  Value of the HostFrameCount can be queried or manually reset through PDIdev methods.
  • Error code "level" field has been added to ePIErrorCode values.  A level of zero (0) is the highest level, indicating a failure of some sort.  A level of one (1) indicates a non-fatal condition.
  • WM_PI_RAWDATA_WARNING Windows message added to report non-fatal runtime conditions, such as sensor out of mapped area.
Bug Fixes
  • PDIdev::WhoAmISensor() has been modified to take sensor number '0' (zero) as a parameter to retrieve the WhoAmI information from the source.
  • Error messages from "Set" commands are now received over RS-232 connection to trackers.
  • Floating-point comparison relaxed so that floating point tracker settings are not erroneously reported as errors.
  • CPDIdev::ConnectUSB() finds and establishes USB connection properly now.
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