Howto get started with this code

This is a quickstart note about getting up and running with MHS. This is a spot for me to keep notes about a developer readme. 

  1. Software
    • Windows 2000 SP4 or greater (not sure about vista)
    • Visual Studio 2005
    • .Net 2.0
    • DirectX 9 SDK
    • Tablet PC SDK
    • Visual Studio Extensions for Windows Workflow foundations
    • Polhemus Driver & SDK
    • [optional] Blender for working with meshes
    • [optional] PhotoShop for working with images and icons
    • [optional] MS Office for viewing developer documents
    • [optional] TortoiseSVN (or equivalent) subversion client for checking out code
  2. Read the design document. It has changed a little bit since the last writing. It still gets tthe gist across.
  3. Look at the visio .vsd and the visual studio .cd digrams. They really help explain things quickly.
  4. Review the code in Model.cs to see the core data types you have to work with. Explore it with the test program.
  5. Review the code in ModelController.cs. It extends the model classes to add types necessary for workflow management.
  6. Review the code Controller.cs, the FieldTripControllerService. This is the controller that application programmers will use.
  7. Finally, spend a long time looking at the supporting classes and complicated logic.
  8. Code!

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