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Is the iPhone 6s Waterproof? What Owners Need to Know

GottaBeMobile - Mon, 09/28/2015 - 19:33

Is the iPhone 6s Waterproof? What Owners Need to Know is a post by J.R. Nelson from Gotta Be Mobile.

Is the iPhone 6s waterproof? Apple doesn’t boast about this new feature, but tests show that the iPhone is more capable than the iPhone 6 when it comes to playing in water.

You’ve probably seen it: a Facebook post with someone complaining about dropping their iPhone in a bath / toilet / puddle / sink, followed by a prayer that this rice trick they read about on the internet really works. For those unenlightened, it’s commonly bandied about that putting your phone in a bowl of rice will rescue it from its accidental bath. Does it work? Probably not as well as you might hope — but there are steps to save your iPhone from water damage

In recent years, we’ve seen Android competitors like Samsung and Sony go all out and add substantial waterproofing to their phone lineups, while Apple refused to do anything that might compromise their phone’s design.

This year’s release of the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus might have seen some change in that direction, however, according to a few videos on YouTube. Torture testing, as cringe-worthy as it is, has become an annual event as soon as the new iPhone hits retail availability. Keys and knives go to town on both the aluminum back and Gorilla Glass display; the phones are dropped, crushed, bent – you name it – and all of it is filmed for the pleasure and distress of fans everywhere.

Just like last year, the first day the iPhones came out saw people commence testing, including seeing whether the phones could handle both a little – and a lot – of exposure to water. While most of us won’t need to worry about whether our phones can survive a fall in the sink, it’s does make for a compelling video.  Last year, a number of people looked to see whether the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus could survive total immersion into a bowl of water, and the results weren’t so hot. After just a few seconds, or sometimes up to a couple of minutes, the iPhones stopped working, usually permanently.

For those of you prone to water damage, it wasn’t good news. Fortunately, the new iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus seem to be bucking the trend.

YouTube channel TechSmartt put up a video showing what happens when you submerge the new 6S Plus in a bowl of water, and the results were surprising. Instead of petering out after a few seconds, or even a few minutes, the 6S Plus held out for half an hour – much longer than most people need to get their phone out of whatever terribly wet spot they’ve placed it.

YouTube user Zach Straley performed his own similar test with both the iPhone 6s and the iPhone 6s Plus, only this time around the phones were left in a bowl of water for around an hour. At the 45 minute mark, they were taken out to test for functionality, and both appeared to be working fine; they were then placed back in the water to ride out the hour. A few days later, Straley posted an update video that showed the devices in (almost) perfect working order, with the only defect a slight diagonal artifact across the iPhone 6s display. All in all, not too bad for an hour underwater.

Meanwhile, iDeviceHelp went even more extreme by putting the iPhone 6s Plus in a pool.  While the pool environment is already harsher on a phone thanks to the addition of chlorine and other chemicals, the video punishes the phone by sending it four feet underwater.  After just a minute or two, the phone starts to have issues like a fading screen; soon it grows hot, and is completely unresponsive. A couple of hours later, the phone appeared to be permanently dead. It’s not too surprising to see the phone suffer after a test like this; after all, the water pressure at the bottom of a pool is nearly eight times higher than a bowl filled with six inches of water.

So, did Apple secretly waterproof the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus? It’s looking increasingly like the answer is yes. Waterproof is maybe too strong of a term – after all, the iPhone didn’t survive is pool encounter – but it’s clear the company has substantially improved the water resistance of this year’s iPhones.

iFixit, known for flying to New Zealand every iPhone release day and releasing teardown videos of the new model, might have found the secret to the waterproofing mystery. This year, the repair guide company found new adhesive strips around the edges of the display and other areas of the 6s. In addition to last year’s addition of rubber gaskets around the power and volume buttons, these adhesive strips could be why the 2015 iPhone lasts so much longer in water than its last iteration.

While we don’t suggest you run out and test your new iPhone in whatever liquid is handy, this news does bode well for keeping safe what for many of us is an extremely expensive purchase. It also shows that Apple is taking the durability of their iPhones under serious consideration; it’s not too surprising to see Apple make such a move the same year that they introduce a yearly upgrade program that requires returning your phone each year. Perhaps next year we’ll see the company actively tout waterproof features on stage?

Is the iPhone 6s Waterproof? What Owners Need to Know is a post by J.R. Nelson from Gotta Be Mobile.


NFL Photographer Shoots Game on iPhone 6s Plus

GottaBeMobile - Mon, 09/28/2015 - 19:19

NFL Photographer Shoots Game on iPhone 6s Plus is a post by Josh Smith from Gotta Be Mobile.

We sent a pro photographer to a Sunday Night Football game to find out how good the camera is on the iPhone 6s Plus. He left his big DSLRs behind and captured the Denver Broncos vs Detroit Lions game with just the iPhone 6s Plus rather than the $12,000 camera and lens kit that he normally carries to NFL games.

Here’s a look at what the iPhone 6s Plus camera can do in a relatively dark setting where subjects are not standings still and waiting for him to press the shutter.

You’ve seen Andrew Weber’s work in Sports Illustrated, ESPN the Magazine, and USA Today. He photographed the 2012 London Olympics, many Super Bowls and also caught Dez Bryant’s overturned catch in stunning detail during the playoffs last year.

Calvin Johnson Jr. aka Megatron Shot on the iPhone 6s Plus.

This is Calvin Johnson Jr. (aka Megatron) making a fire-fueled entrance to Ford Field.

“Being a professional sports photographer I am used to using Canon professional cameras and lenses. ” Weber said, before tallying up the gear he normally takes to a game and the cost. “When I normally cover an NFL game I am shooting with a Canon 1DX and a 400mm F2.8 lens which retails in at a total of $12,000.”

This is a fairly common setup for sports photographers on the sideline of a NFL game.

Instead of heavy, expensive gear, Weber used the iPhone 6s Plus.

Weber jumped at the opportunity to take our new Rose Gold iPhone 6s Plus to the sidelines of a NFL game to see how the camera can do in place of a heavy and expensive camera.

Here’s Andrew Weber’s description of using the iPhone 6s Plus as his only camera to capture a NFL game.

“I traveled from Toledo to Detroit like I do many Sundays a year to photograph the Detroit Lions. This time it was a little different. I didn’t have to lug around my heavy camera gear. I just had my personal iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s Plus in my pocket. The 6s Plus is a BIG phone! It barely fit in my backpocket.

Being able to carry a 12 megapixel camera in my pocket is extremely impressive technology. Once I arrived at Ford Field to photograph the Denver Broncos at Detroit Lions I got to work creating feature images outside of the stadium to show the dynamic range the camera could capture with the cool clouds in the sky.”


“After using the camera for a solid 3 hours I learned a few things, the default iPhone Camera App is the easiest to navigate and use but it lacks a lot of functionality. You can’t control shutter speed or ISO. I did switch to an app called Camera+ which allowed me to control both of those settings but it didn’t allow burst mode compared to the default Camera app.”

“A few other things, when I pushed the camera to shoot at ISO 1600 it looks like it was shot on film, its grainy and not a buttery smooth as DSLRs or if it was shot on a bright sunny day. But I was still extremely impressed with the quality of the picture. One of my favorite parts of the iPhone 6s Plus camera is being able to slow down the shutter speed and great panning images with the iPhone. With the built-in stabilization setting it really helps create nice sharp images.”

Peyton Manning drops back to pass against the Detroit Lions defense in the above photo. The iPhone 6s Plus has a fixed lens, which means it’s impossible to zoom into the action.

Here’s another shot of Peyton Manning before the game. As you can see, the tradeoff of shooting in dim environments is quite a bit of grain.

While the iPhone 6s Plus is not going to replace $12,000 worth of gear, there is a marked improvement from the iPhone 4s that Dan Chung used to photograph the 2012 Olympics. It will be interesting to see what improvements Apple can deliver on the next new iPhone.


“One thing that Apple seemed to have fixed is the lag time between when the shutter button is pushed and when it takes the pictures. It’s a lot snappier compared to the iPhone 6.”

iPhone 6s Plus Panorama at Ford Field.

Photographers can capture panoramas and wide-angle shots with the iPhone 6s Plus Camera app rather than lugging around a special wide-angle lens.

.gbmslideshow { border-width: 0px; } #gbmslideshow { border-width: 0px; } 10 Exciting iPhone 6s Features You Need to TryTake a Live Photo1 / 10

The iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus can now take a live photo that includes a few frames before and after you press the shutter.

Live photos are on by default on the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. All you need to do is take a photo like normal when the Live icon in the middle of the camera settings is yellow, and it will work.

You can set these as your lock screen or you can simply watch them in the gallery by pressing on the screen.

1 / 10

NFL Photographer Shoots Game on iPhone 6s Plus is a post by Josh Smith from Gotta Be Mobile.


OS X El Capitan Release Date & Time: 5 Things to Know

GottaBeMobile - Mon, 09/28/2015 - 19:05

OS X El Capitan Release Date & Time: 5 Things to Know is a post by Josh Smith from Gotta Be Mobile.

The OS X El Capitan release date is confirmed for the middle of this week, and in just a few days you can download the latest upgrade to your Mac and start using new features.

With this in mind, we want to share the most important things you need to know about the OS X El Capitan release date for Mac.

Apple announced OS X 10.11 at WWDC 2015 in June, and since that time developers and users have been testing the new software to see how the new features perform.

Now that we know the OS X El Capitan release date, we have an important set of information that Mac owners need to know about the upgrade from what’s and how to prepare to when you can expect to start the OS X 10.11 download on your Mac.

The new OS X El Capitan release is a free upgrade that you can download direct to your MacBook and upgrade from home. You don’t need to buy a download or wait for a disk.

Here are the details you need to know about the OS X El Capitan update including what’s new and if your Mac will run the update. OS X El Capitan is a free update that will be available in the App Store as a download. We have not heard about plans for a release on a DVD or USB drive yet.

.gbmslideshow { border-width: 0px; } #gbmslideshow { border-width: 0px; } OS X El Capitan Release Date Details1 / 5

The OS X El Capitan release date is September 30th. Apple announced this at the iPhone 6s event at the start of the month.

We did not see new Macs at this event, but some of the new iOS 9 features will only work across all of your devices once you upgrade, which is one reason that Apple is delivering the OS X El Capitan so close to the new iPhones this year.

Apple released the OS X El Capitan GM at the event after a lot of testing during the summer by regular users and developers.

1 / 5


OS X El Capitan Release Date & Time: 5 Things to Know is a post by Josh Smith from Gotta Be Mobile.


PS4 Fallout 4 Release: 5 Things That Need Your Attention

GottaBeMobile - Mon, 09/28/2015 - 18:44

PS4 Fallout 4 Release: 5 Things That Need Your Attention is a post by Adam Mills from Gotta Be Mobile.

The PS4 Fallout 4 release date is just a few weeks away and we think there are a few things that pre-orderers, and potential buyers, need to have on their radar as we close in on one of the year’s most anticipated games.

In June, Bethesda took the stage at E3 2015 and an announced a follow-up to its smash hit from 2008. Fallout 4 is coming to replace Fallout 3 later this year and it will be released on three platforms including Xbox One, PC and PS4.

Fallout 4 has been on sale since June with Bethesda and many retailers taking pre-orders for the regular version of the game, the sold out Fallout 4 Pip Boy Edition, and several exclusive Fallout 4 bundles. Many people have already ordered, others are taking their time.

In the weeks since the big unveil, we’ve seen Fallout 4 release details pour out of Bethesda as the studio tempts gamers with its first big release since Elder Scrolls Skyrim. The Fallout 4 marketing machine is at work and there are a number of important details that buyers need to keep in mind.

With a Fallout 4 release date confirmed for November 10th, we’re just a little more than a month away from touch down. Today, we want to take a look at a few things we think PS4 Fallout 4 buyers need to have on their radar as we enter the month of October.

We’ve been taking a close look at the PS4 Fallout 4 release and this roundup will get you caught up to speed if you haven’t been paying attention. This is aimed at those of you that have already bought the game and those of you that are still thinking about putting in a Fallout 4 pre-order.

.gbmslideshow { border-width: 0px; } #gbmslideshow { border-width: 0px; } PS4 Fallout 4 File Size1 / 5

Over the weekend, Microsoft revealed what could be the final size of Fallout 4 for Xbox One. According to Microsoft, the game will check in around 28GB in size.

This is actually pretty reasonable for a game of Fallout 4's size. Still, it would require many people without a ton of space or without an external hard drive to move some files around. 

We'd expect the size of Fallout 4 for PS4 to be in and around the same size as the Xbox One version of the game. There might be a slight difference but we wouldn't expect the difference to be overwhelming. So, perhaps, the game will be around 28GB. 

Now, it's important to note that Bethesda's Pete Hines says that the company "haven't given out file size or system spec info for any platform." So, it's not clear if this 28GB file size will stick. For what it's worth, the file size is still visible on Microsoft's website

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PS4 Fallout 4 Release: 5 Things That Need Your Attention is a post by Adam Mills from Gotta Be Mobile.


Nexus 6P Release: 5 Last Minute Details

GottaBeMobile - Mon, 09/28/2015 - 18:16

Nexus 6P Release: 5 Last Minute Details is a post by Cory Gunther from Gotta Be Mobile.

The 2015 Nexus 5 and Nexus 6 release date is almost here. After months of rumors and speculation earlier this month Google finally confirmed the company will be holding an event on September 29th in San Francisco. Since as far back as April we’ve been hearing two new Nexus smartphones will debut in 2015, and now we have a few last minute details about both the Nexus 5X and the bigger Nexus 6P.

Over the course of the past two weeks nearly everything about both of Google’s new flagship Nexus smartphones have emerged. We’ve seen pictures, photos of the box, final specs and other details, not to mention a few other things. Today though, we have last minute details about the release date, pricing, carrier support and more.

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As we all know by now, Google’s new phones will be the Nexus 5X made by LG, and a bigger 5.7-inch Huawei Nexus 6P. We’re assuming P stands for “phablet”, but can’t be certain. This Nexus 6P will be Google’s best device to date, and is the premium all aluminum model this year, or the “flagship” Nexus smartphone for 2015. Read on for a few more details we didn’t know last week.

In October of last year Google unveiled the all-new Nexus 6 for 2014 with a huge 6-inch display and some of the best specs we’ve ever seen on a Nexus device. Just as expected, Google looks to be sticking to the same annual release cycle, and two new devices are set to be unveiled tomorrow, September 29th.

That isn’t all though. Tomorrow Google will announce these new phones, but we’re also hearing they’ll go up for pre-order tomorrow as well. Making this one of the earliest Nexus release dates in history.

So now that we know the launch date, seen photos, and know most of the specs, what’s left to know? Well, pricing, carrier support, where to buy, and a couple of other odds and ends. Thanks to AndroidPolice and their exclusive insider details, we have everything and more below.

The slideshow below will go over five last minute details before the Nexus 6p launch, release date, and unveiling that takes place tomorrow. If you’re interested in this phone, you’ll want to read on.

.gbmslideshow { border-width: 0px; } #gbmslideshow { border-width: 0px; } Nexus 6P Release Date1 / 5

 While we already knew nearly everything about Google's new Nexus 6P last week, over the weekend a full detailed reviewers guide hit Reddit that shared a few more things for potential buyers to get excited about. This revealed the last few things we had questions about. One thing we need to get out of the way first, is neither of these phones will have a micro-SD slot. Rumors suggest otherwise, but Google has never allowed a micro-SD, except for the original Nexus One, and these phones won't have one either.

So when can you get it? Pre-orders for the all-new Nexus 6P officially start tomorrow, Septepmber 29th. We've heard this a few times, but now it has been confirmed. The Nexus 6P and Nexus 5X will both be available to pre-order tomorrow evening after Google announces them both, from the Google Store.

The Nexus 6P will be available for pre-order in the United States, UK, Japan, Ireland and Canada. Oddly enough the Nexus 5X didn't have Canada listed, but most likely it'll be available up North as well.

Google will make everything official at a small event tomorrow, September 29th, and it will also be live streaming on We're not sure when they'll actually be released, but a few rumors suggest before October 10th.

1 / 5

Nexus 6P Release: 5 Last Minute Details is a post by Cory Gunther from Gotta Be Mobile.


9 Great iPhone 6s Apps That Work with 3D Touch

GottaBeMobile - Mon, 09/28/2015 - 18:14

9 Great iPhone 6s Apps That Work with 3D Touch is a post by Craig Lloyd from Gotta Be Mobile.

The iPhone 6s was officially released last week on Friday, and many users have already taken the weekend to set up their new devices. If you’re looking for some apps to use 3D Touch with, here are nine great iPhone 6s apps that already work with 3D Touch.

The iPhone 6s comes with the same overall design as the iPhone 6, but the newer model comes with a handful of new features, including a faster processor, more memory, a much better camera, and a new display technology called 3D Touch.

3D Touch is similar to how Force Touch works on the Apple Watch. You can tap on the screen to select something or simply open up an app, but you can also press harder the screen to activate more options and shortcuts.

For example, you can tap on an app to open it, or you could hard-press on the app to bring up shortcuts for that app, such as composing a new email with the Mail app without even having to open up the app in the first place.

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It’s perhaps one of the biggest features of the iPhone 6s and it’s easy to see why. It can make users more productive, as well as simply give users an easier and quicker way to access certain features of iPhone apps.

Here are nine iPhone 6s apps that already work with the new 3D Touch feature.


The popular third-party camera app Camera+ has been updated to support 3D Touch, which allows iPhone 6s users to launch certain features of the app right from the home screen.

Camera+ includes a set of Quick Actions when a user activates 3D Touch. You can Take Photo, Take Selfie, Take Macro, and View Lightbox when you hard press on the Camera+ app icon.

The app also added a View Lightbox button to the Today widget in the Notification Center, allowing you to yet another way to quickly interact with Camera+.


Dropbox was one of the first apps to support 3D Touch on the iPhone 6s, and while the new capabilities aren’t too big of features, it at least makes the app easier to use.

With 3D Touch, you can get shortcuts to your most recently actioned file or folder, as well as offline files. You can even upload photos and videos straight from 3D Touch and search your Dropbox without having to open the app first.

You can also use 3D Touch to Peek while inside the Dropbox app. You lightly press a file for a preview or a folder to view the contents inside. You can also Pop from a preview into the full file or folder by just pressing a little deeper on the screen.


One of the most popular note-taking apps for the iPhone now comes with 3D Touch support on the iPhone 6s.

With Evernote, you can use Quick Actions from the iPhone home screen and either create a New Note, Take Photo or Set Reminder.

You can also use Peek to get a preview of any linked websites in a note and press deeper to go to that website in full. Peek is also available from the home screen with the Evernote app icon where you can get a preview of notes and Work Chats.


It’s obvious that all of Apple’s stock apps on iOS come with 3D Touch capabilities, but iMovie isn’t a stock app and we’d recommend downloading it if you record a lot of videos with your iPhone 6s, especially with 4K being a big new feature.

iMovie now comes with 3D Touch functionality, allowing users to quickly start a new movie project right from the home screen. It’s perhaps not that great of a shortcut, but it certainly works and I’m sure many users will take advantage of it.


One of the apps that was demoed on stage during Apple’s iPhone 6s event was Instagram, showing off its new 3D Touch capabilities.

With Instagram on your iPhone 6s, you can use Peek and Pop to see a preview of photos when you’re viewing someone’s profile page.

You can also using 3D Touch on the home screen to get a set of Quick Actions with Instagram, including New Post, View Activity, and Search.


OpenTable allows you make reservations at restaurants that support the service, and now the app is even easier to use thanks to 3D Touch, giving users more capabilities.

For instance, you can touch a restaurant in search results to learn more about the restaurant and even select a time to book instantly. You can also get Quick Actions with access to your favorite restaurants and quickly looking at your upcoming reservations.

Another iOS 9 feature in OpenTable is the ability to quickly find recently-viewed restaurants again using Spotlight Search on your iPhone.


If you’re a Pinterest fanatic and have an iPhone 6s, then you’ll probably love the new features that the app comes with in the latest update.

With the updated app, you’ll be able to use 3D Touch to Peek and Pop into Pins, giving you a preview of a Pin without having to fully select it and open it. You can also use 3D Touch and Quick Actions from the home screen, like performing an instant search or creating a Pinterest board instantly.


While I’m mainly a SoundHound user, the new Shazam app with 3D Touch may win me over.

With Shazam, you can use 3D Touch with Quick Actions on the home screen to instantly Shazam a song that you hear without having to open up the app first.

You can also use the new Spotlight Search features in iOS 9 to search for a song or artist.


Another iPhone app that immediately updated with 3D Touch support is Twitter.

With 3D Touch, users can access New Tweet, New Message and Search from the home screen without opening up the Twitter app.

Unfortunately, Peek and Pop are not supported in the Twitter app, which is something that would be a huge feature in Twitter, but hopefully we’ll see this in the future.

9 Great iPhone 6s Apps That Work with 3D Touch is a post by Craig Lloyd from Gotta Be Mobile.


T-Mobile iPhone 6s on AT&T: 5 Things You Need to Know

GottaBeMobile - Mon, 09/28/2015 - 17:47

T-Mobile iPhone 6s on AT&T: 5 Things You Need to Know is a post by Adam Mills from Gotta Be Mobile.

If you’ve been wondering about how or if the T-Mobile iPhone 6s performs on AT&T’s network, wonder no more. Here, we take a look at the most important things you need to know about the T-Mobile iPhone 6s on AT&T.

Earlier this month, Apple announced two brand new iPhones dubbed iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. The two smartphones take over the flagship role from the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. And like the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, they are both enticing smartphones.

The iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus come with new display technology (3D Touch), new cameras, a new A9 processor, a stronger design, and more. The two devices have already received excellent reviews and Apple says that it has already sold over 13 million copies. A record.

In the United States, the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus are available on a number of carriers, big and small. And while lots of people are sticking with their usual carrier others, like me, have done things a little bit differently this time around.

I bought the T-Mobile iPhone 6s to use on AT&T’s network. While it sounds odd, it’s actually more common than you’d think. And in the buildup to the iPhone 6s release, I got bombarded with questions about my decision and the device.

With those questions in mind, I want to run down five important things you need to know about using the T-Mobile iPhone 6s on AT&T. If you’ve been thinking about making this move, for economic reasons or otherwise, here’s what you need to know.

Buy T-Mobile iPhone 6s from Apple

After T-Mobile CEO John Legere tweeted at me about my decision, I started getting an avalanche of questions about the T-Mobile iPhone 6s. The most common question was: “Will the T-Mobile iPhone 6s work on AT&T” out of the box? My answer? I was confident, 99.9% sure, but not 100%. Not until the phone arrived.

On Friday, my T-Mobile iPhone 6s arrived and I opened up the box with nervous excitement. Would it work? The answer: Yes.

I am currently using a T-Mobile iPhone 6s on AT&T’s LTE and HSPA+ (4G) networks. I’ve tested both networks and it’s working fine on both. Now, before you go down to a T-Mobile store to buy, heed this warning.

I bought my iPhone 6s from Apple, not T-Mobile. It’s my understanding that iPhone 6s models bought from T-Mobile are locked to T-Mobile. You have to request for it to be unlocked. This won’t occur right away so keep that in mind.

SIM Card Tool Missing

One other thing that I should point out is that my T-Mobile iPhone 6s didn’t come with a SIM card ejection tool.

My colleague Josh Smith noticed the same thing with his iPhone 6s (Verizon) and iPhone 6s Plus (AT&T) models. My colleague J.R. Nelson did get a SIM card tool with his iPhone 6s Plus but he lives in Canada. So why do I bring this up?

I bring it up because you’ll need some kind of tool to make the switch to AT&T happen. Fortunately, most of you probably have a tool that will work. (This is of course assuming your box doesn’t come with a tool.)

If you have an earring or a thumbtack sitting around, grab it. Push into the little hole in the tray on the side of the phone. It should pop out the T-Mobile SIM card. Put your AT&T SIM card in the same way and you should be good to go. I didn’t go through an activation process of any kind.

Setup Process

I did, however, have to go through a lengthy setup process that took a lot longer than a few swipes and a few passwords.

If you’re new to the iPhone or you just want a clean slate, it won’t take your long. If you’re like me, and you want the same setup you had on your old iPhone, it could take awhile, especially if you haven’t made a recent backup of your phone to iCloud or iTunes.

I made a backup right before I setup my new iPhone 6s and the process about 20 minutes. Once that’s done, you’ll restore from a backup which takes another 20 minutes or so. After that, it’s time to toggle a few options and enter some passwords.

My iPhone 6s setup process kept freezing so it ended up taking me well over an hour. I think this might’ve had to do with increased network activity on iPhone 6s release day so you might not have any problems when you do it.

You’ll be forced to enter in a six-digit passcode if you want a passcode but there is a way to revert back to a four-pin passcode if you’d rather have that.

Once you’re through, your phone should look like your old one if you restored from a proper backup. Just remember, you’ll need to input your logins for your apps/networks so you’ll want to be sure you have all of that information handy.

Missing LTE Band

Before you go this route, it’s important to know that the AT&T iPhone 6s is special. Special in that it comes with support for the carrier’s new and improved Band 30 LTE network.

The band is supposed to enhance speeds in congested urban areas. The band doesn’t cover much ground right now but it’s expected to expand before the end of the year.

So if you live in urban sprawl and you plan to keep this phone for the long haul, you might want to consider the AT&T model. (I plan on buying an AT&T iPhone 7 next year.)

Just remember. You have to wait 40 days for AT&T to unlock it and you’ll need to meet certain requirements for it to do so.

T-Mobile iPhone 6s on AT&T: Impressions

I’ve been using an unlocked T-Mobile iPhone 6s (that I bought from Apple) on AT&T’s network for a full three days now and my experience has been excellent.

I haven’t run into any major network problems, I haven’t felt any buyers remorse regarding the missing LTE band (and I live in the sprawling land known as Los Angeles), and the iPhone 6s is on the whole an excellent smartphone. 3D Touch, the performance and the cameras are outstanding.

Rsearch all of your options before going this route but know that if you end up taking this route, you should be in good shape.

.gbmslideshow { border-width: 0px; } #gbmslideshow { border-width: 0px; } 10 Exciting iPhone 6s Features You Need to TryTake a Live Photo1 / 10

The iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus can now take a live photo that includes a few frames before and after you press the shutter.

Live photos are on by default on the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. All you need to do is take a photo like normal when the Live icon in the middle of the camera settings is yellow, and it will work.

You can set these as your lock screen or you can simply watch them in the gallery by pressing on the screen.

1 / 10

T-Mobile iPhone 6s on AT&T: 5 Things You Need to Know is a post by Adam Mills from Gotta Be Mobile.


Nexus 5X Release: 5 Last Minute Details

GottaBeMobile - Mon, 09/28/2015 - 17:32

Nexus 5X Release: 5 Last Minute Details is a post by Cory Gunther from Gotta Be Mobile.

At this point it’s pretty clear that Google plans to unveil two brand new Nexus smartphones this week. Over the past month more and more details have continued to leak, and this weekend a few last minute details surfaced regarding the new Nexus 5x that potential buyers need to know about.

Last week Google confirmed the company would be hosting an event in California on September 29th, where we’re expecting the new Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P to be announced, along with a new Google Chromecast and possibly another Nexus Player as well.

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This year Google will be releasing two Nexus smartphones, similar to the double device approach that has been successful for Samsung and Apple. Those being a 5.2-inch LG Nexus 5X, and a bigger all aluminum and more premium 5.7-inch Huawei Nexus 6P. Below are a few more details to add to the growing list of information about these new phones.

For months on end small reports and rumors have been swirling regarding what Google has planned, but over the last few weeks everything came together. We know almost exactly what to expect, what the new Nexus 5 and Nexus 6 look like, and even when they’ll be announced. Then last week official press photos surfaced at AndroidPolice that confirmed everything we’ve heard so far.

With the devices both official, pictures floating around everywhere, specs and details already known, and the announcement coming tomorrow, buyers have a few remaining questions.

We know what it looks like, when it’s going to be announced, that it’ll have some great features and run Android 6.0 Marshmallow, but what about the price, actual release date, and carrier support? Those questions and more have been revealed this weekend, and we have all the details.

The slideshow below will go over a few last minute details regarding the release date and announcement for Google’s new 2015 Nexus 5X.

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Last week some official photos surfaced that confirmed the name will in fact be the Nexus 5X.  And while we know everything else about it, a few questions remain unanswered. Those being the price, final specs, colors, carrier support and other things.

Multiple anonymous sources have confirmed that the Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P will both be available for pre-order starting tomorrow, September 29th, in the evening after Google's event.

The Nexus 5X will be available for pre-order starting the 29th in the United States, the UK, Korea, Japan, and Ireland. Oddly enough missing from the pre-order details and announcements was anything related to Canada, but most likely it will arrive in Canada along the same time-frame.

Tomorrow morning Google will take the stage at a small quaint event to make the announcement, and we'll bring you all the details as they're revealed live on stage.

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Nexus 5X Release: 5 Last Minute Details is a post by Cory Gunther from Gotta Be Mobile.


How to Disable Wi-Fi Assist on Your iPhone and Save Data

GottaBeMobile - Mon, 09/28/2015 - 16:28

How to Disable Wi-Fi Assist on Your iPhone and Save Data is a post by J.R. Nelson from Gotta Be Mobile.

Coffeeshops, airports, libraries, heck, even grocery stores and Home Depot – free public Wi-Fi is (much to the relief of users with low data caps) is growing by leaps and bounds. Unfortunately, many of these locations don’t have robust wireless infrastructures, which, combined with more and more customers taking advantage of the service, can lead to infuriatingly slow connections.

Apple thinks they’ve got a solution.

Called Wi-Fi Assist, the tool comes enabled by default on new iPhones, and some others that run iOS 9. Normally, when dealing with a slow Wi-Fi access point, you sigh, swipe up to bring up the iOS Control Center, disable Wi-Fi, and move on with whatever you’re trying to do (and if you’re like me, swear later when you inevitably forget to turn it back on at home).

Wi-Fi Assist works when your iPhone automatically detects that you’re on a slow or limited connection. You don’t have to enable it on a per-connection basis; the phone will do it all on its own. It incorporates your cellular data connection (generally LTE, but there’s no reason why 3G can’t also work) and the Wi-Fi point together to create a useable connection.

The upside to this: slow Wi-Fi connections will be less of a pain to deal with, assuming you have a decent cell signal.

The downside to this: you could accidentally burn through your data cap and not really realize it.

At its core, Wi-Fi Assist is a great idea.  The worry comes with the fact that it’s enabled by default, without really informing users what that means.  It’s a useful feature when you’re out and about, but you could also unwittingly use a lot of data at home, if you’re in an area of the house where your Wi-Fi signal is weak.

Our recommendation? If you’re lucky enough to snag an unlimited data plan – rare as that is these days – leave it on all the time. It is unlikely to do anything but help you out. If you’re on a limited connection like most of us, however, you may wish to leave it off, unless you know you’re going to be working in a spotty area for the day.  Here’s how to do it.

Step 1. Tap on your iPhone’s Settings icon.


Step 2. Select ‘Cellular’ from within Settings.


Step 3. Scroll to the bottom, and tap the ‘Wi-Fi Assist’ toggle on the right.

And that’s it, your Wi-Fi Assist feature is disabled; to re-enable, just follow these steps again.

Over the next few months, we’ll be able to get a clearer picture of just how much data Wi-Fi Assist is given to use for the average iPhone customer; it may turn out that it uses very little, and keeping it enabled makes for a much better user experience.  It might also end up showing that it makes the iPhone – already given to hogging data – even more data hungry, and should stay disabled most of the time.  Hopefully, Apple will update Control Center at some point to make it an easy-to-toggle addition, perhaps by adding 3D Touch options to the panel.

If you do wish to leave the option enabled, you can keep an eye on how much data you’re using from this same screen.

.gbmslideshow { border-width: 0px; } #gbmslideshow { border-width: 0px; } iOS 9 vs iOS 8: What’s New in iOS 9iOS 9 vs iOS 8 Walkthrough - Home Screen1 / 19

The image above shows that the iOS 9 home screen looks very much like the one on iOS 8. This is not surprising, but you will notice one major change to this screen. 

The new iOS 9 font on the home page carries over through settings and apps. It's surprising how much the look of the system can change with a small tweak to a new font.

From the home screen you can now swipe left to a new search screen, and you can still swipe down to Spotlight from any of the home screen pages.

When you upgrade you will also see options to add iCloud Drive to your home screen. 

Apple adds two new default iOS 9 apps that you cannot delete. Find iPhone and Find Friends apps now come with the iPhone by default. You can hide them in a folder, but you cannot delete the apps. The Find My iPhone app is a very good addition, while Find My Friends is still not as widely used. 

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How to Disable Wi-Fi Assist on Your iPhone and Save Data is a post by J.R. Nelson from Gotta Be Mobile.


Apple Music Renewal Coming Up This Week

GottaBeMobile - Mon, 09/28/2015 - 15:19

Apple Music Renewal Coming Up This Week is a post by Craig Lloyd from Gotta Be Mobile.

If you’ve been enjoying Apple Music over the last three months, it will soon be time to start paying for it, as the three-month trials for users will end starting this week.

Apple Music was officially released back in late June alongside the release of the iOS 8.4 update, and iPhone and iPad users who wanted to try out the new service could do so for three whole months without paying a dime. Unfortunately, though, that time is coming to an end this week.

With the release of Apple Music being June 30, those who signed up for Apple Music on that day will see their three-month free trial end on September 30, which is later this week. Those who want to continue to use Apple Music will have to pay $9.99 per month from now on.

If you don’t want to continue to use Apple Music, you’ll want to make sure that the auto-renewal feature is turned off, or else you’ll automatically be charged $9.99 for the first month starting after your free trial is over with.

We have a guide on how to turn off the auto-renewal feature, but essentially you have to dig a bit deep into your profile settings in Apple Music. From there, you can turn off the automatic renewal.

However, if you want to keep using Apple Music but get the family plan instead (which is $14.99 per month for up to six users), you can do so on the same screen where you can turn off the auto-renewal. You can change your monthly plan and spring for the family plan if you have two or more people in your household that you’d share Apple Music with.

Apple Music is the company’s own music streaming service, and it’s Apple’s first dive into this kind of market, even though the company has been a music powerhouse for years, thanks to iTunes and the iPod.

Music streaming has largely been dominated by the likes of Spotify, Pandora, Rdio, and more, but it seems that Apple is wanting a piece of the pie.

Apple Music is built right into the stock Music app in iOS, and while it may seem like the new service is like any other music streaming service out there, Apple Music has a handful of cool features that iOS will love. Plus, there are a ton of neat tricks that Apple Music users should know.

The Connect feature is one of the biggest things in Apple Music, which allows you to follow artists and see what they’re up to. However, if you don’t like how Apple automatically adds you to an artist’s follow list when you add their music to your library, you can easily disable Apple Music from doing this in the future.

You can turn on offline mode, which will allow you to listen to Apple Music without a connection, and there are little tricks you can use to get better Apple Music recommendations.

If you’re jailbroken, there are a handful of jailbreak tweaks that you can get for Apple Music to enhance the experience even more, and you can even reset your Apple Music recommendations if your musical preferences have changed and you want to start all over.

Apple Music also has a ton of user-curated playlists that you can browse through, but it can be a bit difficult to find the perfect one for any given situation, but knowing how to browse Apple Music and sift through all the playlists can make all the difference when looking for that perfect playlist.

If you’ve become a big fan of Apple Music and are wanting to transfer your Spotify playlists over to Apple Music, there’s an easy way to do so using a handy tool. It won’t transfer your saved music in Spotify (only your playlists), but it’s certainly better than nothing.

Apple Music Renewal Coming Up This Week is a post by Craig Lloyd from Gotta Be Mobile.


Watch the NASA Mars Announcement Live

GottaBeMobile - Mon, 09/28/2015 - 15:15

Watch the NASA Mars Announcement Live is a post by Josh Smith from Gotta Be Mobile.

NASA is poised to announce a major Mars Mystery Solved today. Here’s how you can watch the NASA Mars announcement live, and the latest guesses about what NASA will announce concerning the Red Planet.

There is a live stream of the NASA Mars announcement on the NASA TV channel that you can watch on your computer, smartphone or tablet.

Over the weekend NASA teased an announcement that will answer an important question about Mars.

Watch the NASA Mars announcement live. Image via NASA on the Commons.

The NASA announcement time is 11:30 AM Eastern and you can watch on NASA TV and on the NASA website. There is speculation that scientists will speak about proof of water on Mars.

Watch the NASA Mars announcement below on Ustream to see what the space exploration agency has to say about Mars. You can press play below to watch on any device, or you can go to the NASA website to watch.

Use the NASA TV website to watch directly on NASA. This link should also work on iPhone, Android, iPad and computer.

The NASA Mars mystery announcement is set to start in a few minutes and will include the following participants.

  • Jim Green, director of planetary science at NASA Headquarters
  • Michael Meyer, lead scientist for the Mars Exploration Program at NASA Headquarters
  • Lujendra Ojha of the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta
  • Mary Beth Wilhelm of NASA’s Ames Research Center in Moffett Field, California and the Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Alfred McEwen, principal investigator for the High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment (HiRISE) at the University of Arizona in Tucson

After the announcement there will be a short period of questions and answers. You can submit a question using the hashtag, #AskNASA on Twitter.

Watch the NASA Mars Announcement Live is a post by Josh Smith from Gotta Be Mobile.


iPhone 6s Plus: 5 Things I Learned in 24 Hours

GottaBeMobile - Sun, 09/27/2015 - 23:02

iPhone 6s Plus: 5 Things I Learned in 24 Hours is a post by Josh Smith from Gotta Be Mobile.

The iPhone 6s Plus is a big smartphone with a beautiful screen that delivers a new way for users to interact with the iPhone, a new camera and a new rose gold color.

Here’s what I learned after using the new Rose Gold iPhone 6s Plus for 24 hours.

After using the iPhone 6s for most of Friday, I switched over to using the iPhone 6s Plus for the bulk of Saturday up until I handed it off to a professional photographer to see how well it can replace thousands of dollars of pro gear.

After exploring with both the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus for the last year I wanted to see how well the new iOS 9 features and exclusive new iPhone 6s Plus features help overcome the challenges of using a large smartphone.

Here is what I learned after using the iPhone 6s Plus for a day.

It’s Still a Huge Phone

What I learned using the iPhone 6s Plus for a day.

The iPhone 6s Plus is still a large phone that can challenge not just my pockets, but also my hands. During my first 24 hours with the iPhone 6s Plus I still found placing it in my pocket noticeably more of a commitment than carrying around the iPhone 6 or the iPhone 6s.

With a 5.5-inch screen there is more room to watch videos and a bigger canvas for lining up a photo — but this is also more phone to haul around.

One thing that does help me use the larger screen is 3D Touch, which makes getting to features in apps faster and easier with one hand. Here’s more on this new feature.

3D Touch Is Useful, Especially With a Big Screen

The biggest new iPhone 6s Plus feature that you can physically touch and see is 3D Touch.

Instead of using your iPhone screen with a tap or a long press, the screen can now detect a push and a harder push. This enables Quick Action shortcuts from the home screen that are very useful on a bigger screen.

Take for instance opening the camera app and taking a selfie. On the iPhone 6 Plus this often required a second hand to tap on the camera switch button in the upper right, or using Reachability to pull it down.

On the iPhone 6s Plus I can just push harder on the camera icon to go straight to a selfie.

Peek and Pop allow me to push to preview a link, appointment, location or email an then push harder to jump right to the app or email. With 3D Touch I can push on the edge of the screen and slide over to switch apps as well.

When selecting text, I can press on the keyboard and turn it to a cursor I can quickly move to the right location to fix a typo. To select the text I need to use my second hand, but it’s still a useful tool.

Together these new features help me use it better with one hand, but I still find it more challenging than the iPhone 6s.

Great Camera Upgrades

Apple boosts the iPhone 6s Plus camera to a 12MP sensor, up from 8MP on the iPhone 6 Plus.

The camera is fast, it takes great photos and Apple adds new options that I am already using regularly.

Live Photos capture a second and a half before and after a photo, so you get the 12MP photo that you can edit, share and print — but you also get a fun moving photo, almost like a gif. The downside is that you cannot share this to someone who isn’t on Apple and currently if you move the camera at the end you ruin the effect. Apple is working on a fix for this.

The iPhone 6s Plus also includes the ability to record in 4K resolution, but it can fill up your storage fast at roughly 370MB per minute.

Apple also packs in a better front-facing camera with a 5MP resolution and now lets users flash the screen for a better Selfie in low light.

As with the iPhone 6 Plus, the iPhone 6s Plus includes Optical Image Stabilization that is not found on the iPhone 6s or iPhone 6. Check out the iPhone 6s Plus sample photos below.

iPhone 6s Plus Vibration is No Longer Obnoxious

You wouldn’t think that the vibration feature on a smartphone would make a short list like this, but this is a major change that I am very excited about.

The iPhone 6 Plus vibration is obnoxious. It is loud and way too powerful for a smartphone.

With the iPhone 6s Plus Apple switches to the Taptic Feedback Engine that delivers subtle, but easy to recognize alerts.

Touch ID is Fast

The iPhone 6s Plus uses a new and improved Touch ID sensor that is very fast. Many times the iPhone 6s Plus unlocks as soon as I push the home button to light the screen up.

This is a major jump from the iPhone 6 Plus, where Touch ID was finicky and sometimes slow to respond.

.gbmslideshow { border-width: 0px; } #gbmslideshow { border-width: 0px; } 10 Best iPhone 6s Plus CasesTech21 Evo Elite1 / 10

After using the Tech21 Evo Elite iPhone 6s Plus case for a month it is one of our favorites due to the nice style and the thin design. Add in the fact that the FlexShock material on the edges is capable of delivering more protection than you'd expect from a slim case and it's a clear winner.

A slim and light case is even more important with the larger iPhone 6s Plus, and Tech21 delivers on all counts with a great iPhone 6s Plus case option.

$49.95 at Apple

1 / 10

iPhone 6s Plus: 5 Things I Learned in 24 Hours is a post by Josh Smith from Gotta Be Mobile.


How to Get 3D Touch-Like Features on an Older iPhone

GottaBeMobile - Sun, 09/27/2015 - 16:30

How to Get 3D Touch-Like Features on an Older iPhone is a post by Craig Lloyd from Gotta Be Mobile.

The iPhone 6s comes with a new feature called 3D Touch. Here’s how to get something similar on an older iPhone.

Apple announced and unveiled the iPhone 6s earlier this month and the new device comes with a small handful of new features, including a better 12-megapixel camera that can record 4K video, a faster processor, a rose gold color option, and a new display technology called 3D Touch.

3D Touch is essentially the same technology as Force Touch on the Apple Watch. It allows users to tap on something to select it or open it as usual, but you can also hard press on the screen to bring up alternative options, similar to how left-click and right-click work on a mouse.

While iOS apps need to be updated to support the 3D Touch feature, many of the popular apps have already been updated, allowing users to take advantage of 3D Touch right off the bat when the iPhone 6s officially releases tomorrow.

However, if you’re not upgrading to the iPhone 6s and will instead stick with your older iPhone, you unfortunately won’t be able to take advantage of 3D Touch. However, this is where one jailbreak tweak comes into play, which gives you similar functionality.

Here’s how to get 3D Touch-like features on an older iPhone.

3D Touch on Older iPhones

Granted, while you’ll never be able to get true 3D Touch on an iPhone other than the iPhone 6s, you can at least have the ability to mimic some of the qualities of 3D Touch.

All you need is a jailbroken iPhone, which is easier said than done, but as long as your iPhone is running iOS 8.4.0 or older, you can jailbreak it. We have a thorough how-to guide on how to jailbreak your iPhone, and the process is actually pretty easy.

Once you’re rocking a jailbroken iPhone, half the battle is done. All that’s left is to install a jailbreak tweak from Cydia called ForceTouchActivator. You can do this tweak by going into Cydia, hitting the Search tab, searching for the tweak, and then installing it. It’s available in the BigBoss repo, so there’s no need to install a third-party repository.

The short explanation of what the tweak does is allows you to launch an Activator action by pressing down and holding anywhere on the display. However, in effort not to accidentally launch the wiggly apps where you go to delete apps and games, the tweak tracks changes in finger size and touch density, so you have to sort of roll your finger as you hold it down on the screen. It can a bit if practice, but it’s pretty easy to get down.

Now, the obvious downside is that you can’t launch certain actions depending on where you hold down your finger. So if you were to hold down your finger over a certain app, it doesn’t let you launch a specific action. Instead, you can only set one Activator action and activate whenever you press down anywhere on the screen.

Currently, this is the only jailbreak tweak that’s close to offering a 3D Touch experience. However, a jailbreak tweak that has yet to release was teased earlier this month shortly after the iPhone 6s was announced. The tweak is still in development and there’s no timeline of its release, but it looks to offer a closer experience to a true 3D Touch interface.

A jailbreak tweak like this wouldn’t be too difficult to come up with, which is why we’ll probably see a better 3D Touch-based jailbreak tweak soon enough, and it will give users the chance to use the technology on older iPhones. For now, though, we have a capable jailbreak tweak that will at least whet or appetites for the time being.

How to Get 3D Touch-Like Features on an Older iPhone is a post by Craig Lloyd from Gotta Be Mobile.


How to Buy an Xbox One Power Cable

GottaBeMobile - Sun, 09/27/2015 - 16:15

How to Buy an Xbox One Power Cable is a post by Travis Pope from Gotta Be Mobile.

Every Xbox One entertainment console comes with some basic accessories. There’s the Xbox One Wireless Controller that players use to interact with their console the most. Microsoft gives them away with the console, but users can purchase another at a local store or online pretty easily. There’s the Xbox One Chat Headset, which is available directly from Microsoft’s website and in most retail stores. Everyone expects to and can pick up these accessories easily, but one thing no one could do was find a reliable way of purchasing the Xbox One Power Cable.

The Xbox One Power Cable is a stylized brick with two cables running from its front and rear. The rear cable draws in power, that power then gets managed by the brick and gets passed on to the Xbox One console itself. For the most part, people forget about the Xbox One Power Cable, that is until they’ve lost one or had theirs stolen.

Problem is that the Xbox One Power Cable isn’t available in a rental store. You won’t find it in your local Best Buy or GameStop next to all the Xbox One accessories. In fact, until recently the old guaranteed way to get one was to purchase an entirely new Xbox One console. Luckily, Microsoft addressed the issue over the summer, making it easier than ever to claim a replacement Xbox One Power Cable online and have it delivered.

Here’s how to buy an Xbox One Power Cable online.

Where to Go

No, you still can’t buy the Xbox One Power Cable in store. Microsoft has been very quiet about why this is. Theoretically, the company would want users to be able to replace their power cables if they are lost or stolen, but Microsoft hasn’t started selling at places like GameStop and Best Buy. In fact, the company doesn’t directly sell them on its website or through its Microsoft Store retail chain.

To get an Xbox One Power Cable you need to go to Xbox Online Service Center. If the Xbox Online Service Center sounds familiar it’s because Microsoft uses the same site to manage Xbox One repairs and returns. There you can register a new Xbox One, report a problem with the Xbox One and replace crucial Xbox One accessories.

Click the Sign In button in the top-right corner of your screen. You’ll be automatically logged in if you’re on a PC running Windows 8.1 or Windows 10. You’ll need to provide your Microsoft Account Username and Password depending on what browser you’re using too.

Once signed in, Look for the green square on the home page that asks you if you’d like to Replace an Accessory. Click on it.

Before you can replace an accessory in the Xbox Online Service Center you have to register that device with the service center. Click on Add a device if you haven’t already added your Xbox One. You’ll need to provide your first and last name, relative location and the Serial Number of the Xbox One you’re trying to register.

You can find the Serial Number on your Xbox One in the Settings app listed under System. Look for the Console Info button.

Once you’ve successfully registered your console you’ll get a list of the accessories that you can replace through the Xbox One experience. Select Power Supply from the list. It’s at the bottom left-corner. You can also have other accessories replaced, like the Xbox One Controller, TV Tuner, Remote and Charge Kit.

After a few moments of scanning the Xbox Online Service Center will allow you to replace your Xbox One Power Cable. If you have a cable that’s defective, you can exchange it out for a new one. If you need a separate one or purchase a new one. Click or tap Next.

If your Xbox One is out of warranty you’ll need to pay for a new Xbox One Power Cable either way. If you send yours in Microsoft will only charge you $35. If you’re looking to purchase a separate Xbox One Power Cable you’re looking at spending $50 to get a new cable shipped to you. There’s no exchange when buying the Power Cable at the $50 option. You’ll need to provide Microsoft with a shipping address and credit card information.

You absolutely don’t have to purchase a new Xbox One Power Cable this way if you don’t want to. There are more than a few resellers on Ebay that sell used Xbox One Power Cables taken from damaged consoles that they no longer own. GottaBeMobile doesn’t recommend getting a new Power Cable from anywhere but Microsoft. If you must, be sure to get the right Power Cable for your country. Check the item’s description to be sure it’s for an Xbox One sold in your country.

Good luck getting your Xbox One Power Cable.

How to Buy an Xbox One Power Cable is a post by Travis Pope from Gotta Be Mobile.


10 Things to Know About the iPad iOS 9.0.1 Update

GottaBeMobile - Sun, 09/27/2015 - 15:13

10 Things to Know About the iPad iOS 9.0.1 Update is a post by Adam Mills from Gotta Be Mobile.

Last week, Apple issued another iOS 9 update in iOS 9.0.1. The new update is available for all iOS powered devices which includes the iPad. With that in mind, we want to take a look at a few things users need to know about the iPad iOS 9.0.1 update.

Apple’s rolled out a grand total of three iOS 9 updates in September. The first, and maybe most important, was the iOS 9.0 update it rolled out on September 16th. iOS 9.0 brought a long list of changes to the iPad including improved multitasking.

The company released its iOS 9.1 update into its developer and public beta programs ahead of an unknown release date. iOS 9.1 is the first milestone update for iOS 9 and it will bring new emojis and enhancements to the iPad.

The third update is, of course, the iOS 9.0.1 update that pushed out to users on Wednesday. iOS 9.0.1 is a small bug fix update that tackles some rather annoying iOS 9 problems including issues with alarms and timers.

We’ve been taking a close look at the iOS 9.0.1 update for iPad and today we want to share some of the most important things we’ve learned about the update. These details are going to be important for those of you that have already installed and also for those of you that are still thinking about upgrading.

Keep these important iPad iOS 9.0.1 update details in mind as we push deeper into the year towards the arrival of Apple’s big iOS 9.1 release for iPad.

.gbmslideshow { border-width: 0px; } #gbmslideshow { border-width: 0px; } iOS 9.0.1 on iPad Impressions1 / 10

We've been spending some quality time with the iOS 9.0.1 update on the iPad mini 2, iPad Air, and iPad Air 2. And so far, we've found the update to be pretty agreeable. 

We haven't noticed any major performance problems. Battery life, connectivity and apps are holding up well after the upgrade and we haven't run into any catastrophic bugs. That's a good sign and we're hopeful that performance holds. 

Now, before you go and take the plunge, we recommend digging around for feedback. Our first impressions are a great starting point if you're looking for feedback but you'll also want to poke around on YouTube, social media, and/or the Apple Discussion Forums for additional feedback about your specific update.

1 / 10

10 Things to Know About the iPad iOS 9.0.1 Update is a post by Adam Mills from Gotta Be Mobile.


iPhone 6s Impressions: 5 Things I Learned on the First Day

GottaBeMobile - Sat, 09/26/2015 - 19:15

iPhone 6s Impressions: 5 Things I Learned on the First Day is a post by Josh Smith from Gotta Be Mobile.

As I start taking notes for the iPhone 6s review, where we will tell you if the iPhone 6s is worth buying, I discovered five important details about the iPhone 6s after using it for a day.

There are simply too many changes to the new iPhone to pull together a iPhone 6s review in a day, but it is easy to share what I’ve learned after upgrading from the iPhone 6 to the iPhone 6s.

Starting at 8:08 AM on the iPhone 6s release date, when I walked out of the Apple Store until now, this is what I’ve learned from using the new iPhone 6s for 24 hours.

What I learned after using the iPhone 6s for a day.

For comparison I use the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus almost every day, and I am also using the iPhone 6s Plus right now to figure out which device fits me best after Apple had time to refine both of the new iPhones and add new features.

Not everyone has the luxury of trying out both of the new iPhones, so as part of these first impressions there is some crossover between the two sizes. I’ve heard from many users who bought the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus who are re-evaluating their screen size choice after a year and thinking about switching. We’ll be doing a more detailed comparison after trying all the features on both of these new models.

Here are five things I learned after using the iPhone 6s after one day.

3D Touch is a Game Changer

The biggest new iPhone 6s feature that you will see on ads is that the screen can now tell the difference between a tap, a press and a deep press.

With 3D Touch I can get to my favorite contacts faster, quickly look at a message or webpage and pop right into an app if I need to do more. This also adds a great new way to multitask and easier text selection on the keyboard that you can only find on the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus.

In just the first day numerous apps including Instagram and Twitter added support for 3D Touch in the apps and on the home screens. I’m looking forward to seeing more apps use this new feature.

The New Camera Features Are Useful

Apple upgraded the iPhone 6s cameras with a 12MP sensor on the back and a 5MP sensor on the front. The upgraded quality is great, but so far the most fun comes from three new features that come with the upgraded sensors.

There is no mistaking the usefulness and fun that the new iPhone 6s camera features offer.

Live Photos are a ton of fun and already a highlight of using the new camera.This records 1.5 seconds before and after a photo that offers up a moving photo in addition to a full resolution photo. Now you can capture the perfect moment and the fun that happens before and after. The downside is that when you move the camera after a shot you lose out on this effect, but Apple is working on a fix.

The new Selfie Flash, which Apple calls Retina Flash, is a great way to take a better looking selfie in low light. The screen flashes at the right tone and brightness so you end up with a better looking photo. Check out the iPhone 6s camera samples below.

It’s cool to have 4K video recording on the iPhone 6s, but it is not something I will likely use for all my video because it takes up a lot of space and many friends still don’t have a way to see it at full resolution.

Taptic Vibration is Awesome

One of my biggest annoyances with the iPhone 6 and especially the iPhone 6 Plus is the loud and intrusive vibration.

Apple includes the Taptic Engine for vibration feedback on the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. This is essentially a smarter vibration that Apple uses to give you feedback when you use 3D Touch and it also powers a better vibration alert for the iPhone 6s that is subtle to people nearby, but grabs my attention.


Touch ID is Super Fast

Touch ID is incredibly fast on the iPhone 6s.

Touch ID is insanely fast on the iPhone 6s. There are times when the iPhone is unlocked before I can even catch that i placed my finger on the home button.

Even when it isn’t that fast, it is still much faster than the iPhone 5s and iPhone 6 thanks to new internals. Hopefully this performance stays after extended use.

iPhone 6s Performance is Promising

It’s way too early to make any judgements about the iPhone 6s battery life, after restoring from iCloud, downloading app updates and testing new features it was not a typical day for screen time and app use.

There is no mistaking the added performance of the iPhone 6s, even compared to the iPhone 6.

Still, the iPhone 6s performance is promising in many areas. The 3D Touch performance is solid, which is why the feature earned top billing in this quick look at the new iPhone, but it’s not the only area that the iPhone 6s performance shines.

The iPhone 6s is faster than the iPhone 6, and not just on paper. Switching apps is faster and Angry Birds 2 loaded so much faster on the iPhone 6s that I was able to watch an ad to double gems in the time it took the iPhone 6 to load the game. In short, the iPhone 6s will get you to what you want to do faster.

.gbmslideshow { border-width: 0px; } #gbmslideshow { border-width: 0px; } 10 Best iPhone 6s CasesSpeck CandyShell Clear iPhone 6s Case1 / 10

The Speck CandyShell Clear is the first clear iPhone 6s case from Speck, and the first clear case from the company overall. This form-fitting, minimalist iPhone 6s case delivers a decent amount of protection with a military drop test 810G rating.

Speck assures us that the clear case will not yellow with use like many cheap clear case options. The clear finish is perfect for showing off your iPhone 6s color choice while protecting it.

Buttons move perfectly and are easy to find by touch and there is a raised front bezel to keep the iPhone 6s display off hard surfaces.

$34.95 at Speck

1 / 10


iPhone 6s Impressions: 5 Things I Learned on the First Day is a post by Josh Smith from Gotta Be Mobile.


Top 10 iPhone 6s Settings to Change

GottaBeMobile - Sat, 09/26/2015 - 16:15

Top 10 iPhone 6s Settings to Change is a post by Josh Smith from Gotta Be Mobile.

When you get your new iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus out of the box there are many iPhone 6s settings to change for a better iPhone experience.

These are the first iPhone 6s settings we change and they are the ones we recommend other users change or explore to get the most out of their new iPhone. They also remove many iPhone annoyances that can frustrate you, or the users around you.

In the case of the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, there are some iPhone 6s settings that you must change to enable features.

Here are the iPhone 6s settings you should change.

It is important that you explore your iPhone 6s settings to customize the experience to your needs. There are also additional privacy settings that you can change if you want to control the information you share, but for this guide we’ll mainly focus on how you can improve your experience with the iPhone 6s.

Turn Off Double Notifications

When you get a text message or iMessage does your iPhone 6s vibrate a second time before you can read it? If so, you likely find this very annoying. Here’s how to turn off the Messages double notifications.

Go to Settings -> Notifications -> Messages -> Repeat Alerts – Never.

Turn on 4K Video

The iPhone 6s supports 4K video, but you need to turn it on. This takes up almost 400MB per minute, so you may not want it on all the time, but the results can be fantastic.

Go to Settings -> Photos & Camera -> Record Video -> 4K 30 fps.

Change 3D Touch Settings

If you have trouble activating the 3D Touch features on your iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus, you may need to adjust the sensitivity.

Go to Settings -> General -> Accessibility -> 3D Touch -> 3D Touch Sensitivity.

This will let you make the touch lighter or firmer depending on your needs, and you can test it out on this page.

Set a Live Photo as Your Lock Screen

You can take a live photo with your iPhone 6s camera that will capture not just a single frame, but also the motion before and after. Once you capture it, you can use it as your lock screen.

Go to Settings -> Wallpaper -> Choose a New Wallpaper -> All Photos -> tap on a live photo. You can also tap on the Live gallery to use the stock Apple live lock screens.

On your lock screen you can press and hold to see the live photo move.

Turn Selfie Flash On

The new Selfie Flash quickly flashes the screen at the right color tone and the right brightness so that you can take a better selfie in lowlight.

When you are using the front-facing camera, tap on the flash icon and choose always to force it to flash, or leave it on Auto to get it only when needed.

Finish Touch ID Setup

The iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus Touch ID sensor is super fast, and you will benefit from using it with more than the one finger that the iPhone asks you to set up during the iPhone 6s setup.

Go to Settings -> Touch ID & Passcode -> Enter your passcode -> Add a Fingerprint.

Follow the guide to train the rest of your fingerprints on the iPhone 6s and then you will be able to unlock it with more than just your thumb or index finger.

Disable Keyboard Click Noises

Unless you really like to annoy people who are near you, turn off the keyboard noises on the iPhone 6s. This is on by default and it makes a click whenever you tap on a key, which can frustrate people near you.

Go to Settings -> Sounds -> Keyboard Clicks -> Off.

Alternately, you can put your iPhone in silent mode which will mute them when you are in public.

Turn on Voice Over LTE

If you upgraded from the iPhone 5s or older, you need to turn on one of the best features Apple added in the last year. Voice over LTE is a feature that has been on AT&T for a while, but just came to Verizon last year. With Voice over LTE you can use your data while you are talking on the iPhone.

Go to Settings -> Cellular -> Enable LTE -> Voice & Data.

It may take a minute to turn on, but once it is on you will be able to get iMessages, browse the web and use web connected apps while you are talking.

Customize the Notification Center

The iPhone 6s and iOS 9 add in new options that allow you to see information in the Notification Center of the iPhone.

One thing you will see once you connect an Apple Watch or Bluetooth devices that report battery life is a new Batteries widget. If you don’t like this, or if you want to change other Notification Center Widgets, use this guide.

Pull down the Notification Center -> Swipe down to the bottom -> Tap on Edit. Tap the “-” to remove a widget, use the bars to move it and tap “+” to add another one.

Setup iPhone 6s Hotspot

The iPhone 6s personal hotspot can share your iPhone’s internet connection with other devices like your laptop, iPad or Nintendo DS.

Most of the new iPhone plans at major carriers include this in the price you already pay, so you will not need to contact them to use it or pay any more.

Go to Settings -> Personal Hotspot -> Wi-Fi Password -> Enter a new password. You can then tap On to turn it on.

Find it like you would any other WiFi network on your laptop or iPad. You should always change the password to something secure, instead of leaving it to the default.

.gbmslideshow { border-width: 0px; } #gbmslideshow { border-width: 0px; } 10 Best iPhone 6s CasesSpeck CandyShell Clear iPhone 6s Case1 / 10

The Speck CandyShell Clear is the first clear iPhone 6s case from Speck, and the first clear case from the company overall. This form-fitting, minimalist iPhone 6s case delivers a decent amount of protection with a military drop test 810G rating.

Speck assures us that the clear case will not yellow with use like many cheap clear case options. The clear finish is perfect for showing off your iPhone 6s color choice while protecting it.

Buttons move perfectly and are easy to find by touch and there is a raised front bezel to keep the iPhone 6s display off hard surfaces.

$34.95 at Speck

1 / 10

Top 10 iPhone 6s Settings to Change is a post by Josh Smith from Gotta Be Mobile.


8 Things to Do Before Installing OS X El Capitan

GottaBeMobile - Sat, 09/26/2015 - 15:56

8 Things to Do Before Installing OS X El Capitan is a post by Craig Lloyd from Gotta Be Mobile.

OS X El Capitan will release next week on September 30. Here are eight things to do before installing OS X El Capitan.

Apple first announced and unveiled the new version of OS X back in early June during the company’s Worldwide Developers Conference, showing off some new features that users would be able to enjoy later that year.

This year is a bit different for OS X El Capitan, though. The new version will release a lot earlier than usual, as the past couple of updates have been releasing in October. However, OS X El Capitan will release next week, which is perhaps the earliest that OS X has released in the last few years.

This is certainly good news, though, as users will now be able to use the latest OS X version earlier than normal, especially with iOS 9 releasing earlier this month. OS X and iOS started to play well together last year with the release of iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite, and that will continue on with iOS 9 and OS X El Capitan.

However, before you install OS X El Capitan on your Mac, here are eight things that you’ll want to do before you dive deep.

Learn About the New Features

Before you update to OS X El Capitan, it’s a good time to learn about all of the new features of the new version.

El Capitan keeps the same overall look and feel as OS X Yosemite, but comes with a handful of new features.

There’s a new Split View mode similar to iOS 9 that allows you to use two apps at once by snapping the app windows to the side of the screen. It works a lot like Windows’ Aero Snap feature.

There are also some improvements to Spotlight Search, like more accurate results, as well as better and more helpful results when searching for something specific. You can search for something like, “emails that I’ve ignored from Chris.” You can be pretty specific with it.

There are also new swipe gestures that you can use in some of the default apps like Mail and Safari, where you can swipe to delete emails and swipe to pin tabs on Safari to save them for later.

Check for Any Problems

Unless you’re an early adopter and install OS X El Capitan the second it releases, you’ll have plenty of time to see what other users think about the new version and whether or not there are any big problems that you should know about.

While Apple does its best to get rid of all the bugs and issues from the beta versions, a mass rollout of any piece of software is bound to still have some bugs included, which is why it’s a good idea to check out what problems users are coming across, that way you can be prepared.

If you do find that a lot of users are coming across some hiccups, that can be a sign that you should wait a little longer before installing OS X El Capitan.

Make Sure Your Mac Is Compatible

Perhaps the most important piece of information that you should know about OS X El Capitan is if it’s even compatible for your specific Mac model.

The short answer is any Mac that’s able to run OS X Yosemite is able to run OS X El Capitan, which didn’t used to be the case for OS X, as Apple would drop off a handful of older models with each new OS X version, but not this time around.

More specifically, below is a list of Mac models that will support OS X El Capitan when it releases in the fall.

  • iMac (Mid-2007 or newer)
  • MacBook (13-inch Aluminum, Late 2008), (13-inch, Early 2009 or newer)
  • MacBook Pro (13-inch, Mid-2009 or newer), (15-inch, Mid / Late 2007 or newer), (17-inch, Late 2007 or newer)
  • MacBook Air (Late 2008 or newer)
  • Mac Mini (Early 2009 or newer)
  • Mac Pro (Early 2008 or newer)
  • Xserve (Early 2009)
Make Sure Important Apps Are Compatible

Not only do you need to make sure that your Mac is compatible with OS X El Capitan, but you also want to make sure that any important Mac apps that you use are compatible with the new version.

Usually it takes some time for app developers to update their apps to support the newest version of OS X, and it take up to a few months for most apps to become compatible.

Usually, some apps will work right out of the box without needing an update, which is always good, but there’s usually a couple of apps that don’t support the latest version until it gets updated, so it’s always a good idea to check the website of the app in question to see if it will run on OS X El Capitan.

Back Up Your Mac

Perhaps the most important thing that you should do is back up your Mac before you install OS X El Capitan. You don’t want to lose your important data if something should go wrong during the installation process.

The best option for backing up your Mac is by using Time Machine, which is a built-in utility on your Mac that backs up all of your files.

Hopefully you won’t need to access the backup, but if something should go wrong during the upgrade to OS X El Capitan, you’ll at least have the security knowing that your files are safe.

Charge Your MacBook

If you have a MacBook, you’ll want to make sure to charge it up completely before installing OS X El Capitan, unless you know you’ll have it plugged in during the installation process anyway.

If your battery level is low and you don’t have it plugged in during the updating process to OS X El Capitan, it’s possible that your MacBook could shut down in the middle of the installation, which could be trouble and you might have to start all over.

Set Aside Plenty of Time

It isn’t ideal to begin updating to OS X El Capitan ten minutes before you have to leave for work.

Instead, schedule some free time in the evening where you can have plenty of time to install OS X El Capitan, as well as some time after the process is complete to play around with the new operating system and become familiar with it.

Know How to Troubleshoot Any Problems

After you install OS X El Capitan, you’ll want to know how to troubleshoot any problems that you come across.

Perhaps the best sources for finding solutions to problems is Apple’s own Support Communities, and you can also try the Mac and OS X subreddits on Reddit, which have a decent user base with plenty of users who will help with any issues you’re having.

Other than that, there are the basics for troubleshooting many problems, like rebooting your Mac, resetting certain settings, and restarting your router if you’re having WiFi problems.

8 Things to Do Before Installing OS X El Capitan is a post by Craig Lloyd from Gotta Be Mobile.


10 Things to Know About the iPhone 5 iOS 9.0.1 Update

GottaBeMobile - Sat, 09/26/2015 - 14:51

10 Things to Know About the iPhone 5 iOS 9.0.1 Update is a post by Adam Mills from Gotta Be Mobile.

It only took a week for Apple to roll out a brand new iOS 9 update for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. We’ve been using the new iOS 9.0.1 update on several devices and today we want to take a look at the most important things to know about the iPhone 5 iOS 9.0.1 update.

Its been a busy month for Apple and its iOS software. On September 9th, the company took the stage in San Francisco and made a slew of announcements including an iOS 9 release date reveal. The iOS 9 update wasn’t the star of the show but the September 16th release date confirmation was a big deal for a lot of people.

Two days later, Apple released iOS 9.1 into beta. The iOS 9.1 update is the first milestone iOS 9 upgrade and it will be bringing new emojis to the iPhone 5 and Apple’s other iOS 9 powered devices.

On Wednesday, Apple released another iOS 9 update called iOS 9.0.1. iOS 9.0.1 is a small bug fix update and it’s available for all iOS 9 powered devices including the aging iPhone 5 flagship that’s been around since 2012.

The iPhone 5 iOS 9.0.1 update (and all other iOS 9.0.1 updates) is a small bug fixer that’s aimed at squashing some of the more glaring iOS 9 problems including an issue with APNs and a problem with alarms and timers.

It’s a small but important update and it’s an update that iPhone 5 users should be paying attention to as we push into the month of October.

As we move away from the iOS 9.0.1 release date, we’re starting to get a better read on the most important things to know about the iPhone 5 iOS 9.0.1 update. Here, we outline those details for you. Keep them in mind as iOS 9.0.1 gets older.

.gbmslideshow { border-width: 0px; } #gbmslideshow { border-width: 0px; } iPhone 5 iOS 9.0.1 Impressions1 / 10

We've been using the iPhone 5 iOS 9.0.1 update for a few days now and while it's handling well in most areas, there are still some concerns. 

Battery life, connectivity and app performance are all holding up with iOS 9.0.1 update on board. Speed? That's another story. 

Our iPhone 5 is still feeling sluggish and the lag that we started noticing on Wednesday hasn't faded away. Not yet at least. It's a bit concerning and we're seriously contemplating a factory reset to see if that resolves the problem. We'll see. 

iOS 9's features and iOS 9.0.1's bug fixes are great but you'll want to be extremely careful if you're having a good experience on whatever version you're on. 

Our first impressions are a great place to start if you're looking for feedback. If you need more than that, you'll want to poke around on YouTube, social media, or the Apple Discussion Forums for additional feedback about this update. 

1 / 10

10 Things to Know About the iPhone 5 iOS 9.0.1 Update is a post by Adam Mills from Gotta Be Mobile.


10 iPhone Apps for the Best Windows 10 Experience

GottaBeMobile - Sat, 09/26/2015 - 14:14

10 iPhone Apps for the Best Windows 10 Experience is a post by Travis Pope from Gotta Be Mobile.

Microsoft offers a ton of iPhone and iPad apps. To be more precise, Microsoft – who has a mobile operating system of its own – has 67 different apps available in the iTunes Store. These apps are a mixed bag of initiatives. Many are based on core apps and services that the company offered in other ways before. A growing number of them all connect together, giving you a better Windows 10 experience if you’ve upgraded to that operating system already.

Read: Windows 10 Review – A Love Affair

The company is still developing its own operating system. But Windows Phone has always had, and will always have limited reach here in the United States. That’s not good enough to solidify Microsoft’s position is most used software maker. Microsoft’s apps and services need to be where the users are. In America they are absolutely on iPhone.

Windows 10 connects with most of the 67 iPhone apps that Microsoft offers now, and using these apps can make your online and digital life a lot simpler. Here are 10 iPhone apps to install on your iPhone now and get the best experience with Windows 10 possible.


OneDrive is Microsoft’s cloud storage solution and syncing tool. Really, its analogous to iCloud. Using a mix of apps and services, users can add all of their files to their OneDrive account and get access to them anywhere. What’s more, Microsoft offers up additional storage after you’ve filled the free 15GB at setup.

As an iPhone user you can have OneDrive automatically back up your pictures and video directly to your OneDrive alongside your Word documents and other files. OneDrive then takes all of this content and makes it available for streaming or downloading on your Windows 10 PC.

[ Download OneDrive ]

Xbox SmartGlass

Xbox Live is the service that powers Microsoft’s entire gaming ecosystem. There’s an Xbox app built into Windows 10 that lets users capture footage from games they own, look at achievements and start parties with other Xbox One members. It can be used as a keyboard for the Xbox One’s apps and can stream games and broadcast TV directly from the console.

Xbox SmartGlass isn’t as sophisticated as what you have on your Windows 10 PC yet, but it’s still pretty robust. The app allows broadcast TV streaming, achievement tracking and browsing for the Xbox Store. You can also reply to messages from the app. Even when you’re away from both your computer and your Xbox One you can enjoy what Xbox Live has to offer on your iPhone.

[ Download Xbox SmartGlass ]


Outlook is Microsoft’s Calendar and Mail replacement. Why you’d use them instead of the built-in Mail and Calendar apps is pretty straight forward: simplicity. Microsoft acquired Accompli, a big-name iPhone and Android developer last year. The Accompli team has turned Outlook Mobile into the best third-party email app in the iTunes Store.

The app sorts all email into two categories: Focused and Other. The Focused inbox is all about letting you see the things you should care about. Anything that isn’t immediate is dumped into the Other inbox. Swipes let you move, flag or delete emails quickly. What’s more, Outlook works with Gmail,, Yahoo, IMAP and other account types.

[ Download Outlook ]


Apple just updated its Notes app with iOS 9. Pay no attention that app, it still can’t hold a flame to Microsoft’s OneNote ecosystem. OneNote isn’t a one-off mobile app. There’s versions for the web, iPhone, Android and Windows 10.

Think of OneNote as your digital notebook. In fact, you create digital notebooks within it. You can paste text, add pictures, record audio or add hand-written ideas into these OneNote notebooks. All content syncs in the background across multiple devices, making it easier to pick up where you left off later. OneNote Notebooks are also searchable and available on PC and Mac absolutely free.

[ Download OneNote ]


Microsoft purchased Skype some years ago and turned it into its default instant messaging tool. This past month the company updated Skype on iPhone to look more like other iOS apps. Sometime this fall Microsoft plans to release a version of Windows 10 that includes a Messages and Video app for notebooks, desktops and tablets built on Skype. When this arrives, you’ll want Skype for iPhone. FaceTime isn’t cross platform, but Skype has an app for messaging, audio and video calling on just about every platform that is worth using.

[ Download Skype ]


The Cortana personal assistant on your Windows 10 PC is only as useful as your PC is. If you have a desktop, you can’t take Cortana with you – yet.

Microsoft confirmed earlier this year that it plans to rollout a version of Cortana built specifically for iPhone. Users will be able to ask the iPhone version of Cortana questions and set reminders just like they can with their PC. Unfortunately, it’s highly unlikely Cortana will let iPhone owners change settings like they can with Siri because of Apple’s strict iTunes Store policies.

Cortana isn’t available yet but is listed by Microsoft in the Phone Companion app as “coming soon.”

MSN News

Every time you open you’re the Microsoft Edge browser on your Windows 10 PC you get a breakdown of the current news available at MSN. The browser does this by default, and it’s pretty handy if you find yourself in the mood to browse the latest news stories while opening new tabs.

You can’t take Microsoft Edge with you but you can take MSN News. There’s a dedicated MSN News app on iPhone that provides users with all the same stories they’d get in Microsoft Edge automatically. All the topics and tastes you’ve previously configured on MSN are present in MSN for iPhone.

[ Download MSN News ]

Office & Office Lens

Finally, there’s Office and Office Lens. Windows 10 finally includes some decent replacement apps for the complex and slightly bloated regular versions of Office. If you have an Office 365 subscription these apps sync your documents and presentations and unlock for you. The apps are completely free to view documents and only require an Office 365 subscription on devices with screen sizes bigger than 10 inches.

Word, Excel and PowerPoint are all available for free on iPhone and there’s no screen restriction. What’s more, the Office Lens app makes digitizing documents to drop into Microsoft Office easier than it has ever been before. Download all four for a great Office experience away from your Windows 10 device.

[ Download Office Lens ] [ Download Excel ] [ Download Word ] [ Download PowerPoint ]

Good luck with your Windows 10 PC. Here’s to hoping extending some of those experience beyond your notebook, desktop, tablet or 2-in-1 to your tablet makes getting through every day just a bit easier.


10 iPhone Apps for the Best Windows 10 Experience is a post by Travis Pope from Gotta Be Mobile.

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