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Xbox Live Getting Facebook-like Facelift in New Xbox One Update

GottaBeMobile - Sat, 07/19/2014 - 02:11

Xbox Live Getting Facebook-like Facelift in New Xbox One Update is a post by Travis Pope from Gotta Be Mobile.

When it announced the Xbox One last year, Microsoft made it clear that it planned to make significant changes to Xbox Live. As a new video reveals, many of those changes, which are coming in the Xbox One Update, will be familiar to anyone who has used Facebook in the last few years.

As details In a post on Xbox Wire too, Microsoft is trying to make the Xbox One and Xbox Live infinitely more social. It’s redesigning the Friends app that lets Xbox One users monitor what their family members and Xbox Live friends are doing.

Following this August Xbox One update, more types of activities will surface in the stream Friends app’s stream. When a friend records a clip inside a game Xbox Live users will now see that surfaced in the Friends app. Today Xbox Live only surfaces notifications in the Friends app when users earn ,an achievement or starting using a specific app.

Last month Microsoft added the ability for users to Like different things in their Activity Feed through the Xbox One Smartglass companion app. With the August Xbox One Update, Microsoft is adding the ability for Xbox One and Xbox Live users to like different posts in their Activity Feed. Xbox One users can now comment on posts in their Activity Feed. Users can also post text that’ll show up in other’s Activity Feed too.

What Microsoft seems to have lacked in imagination for the new Activity Feed features it more than makes up for in implementation. Everything is well-integrated, and all the social functions are pretty easy to find thanks to a half-window that takes over the screen when users select a specific item in their Activity Feed.

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Microsoft is testing a separated Friends area that surfaces on the Xbox One Home Screen in this next Xbox One Update. This early version surfaces Game Activity, Leaderboards and a neat Live Tile in an area that sits between the Home panel and the Store panel. Microsoft says it’s only testing this new Friends area on Preview participants now. Eventually, it will roll out to all Xbox One users, but it may not be at the same time as it rolls out these other features.

These changes being introduced here aren’t all high-profile. Some of them are just common-sense, good-to-have add-ons that make owning an Xbox One a bit better. Starting with the August Xbox One Update, users don’t have to be on their console to purchase a game. Microsoft has added hooks into and Xbox One SmartGlass so that users can purchase games and downloadable content away from their console. Users who have low-power mode enabled will find that content they purchase on the go is available the next time they turn on their console.

A new low battery notification and option to disable notifications when watching video is also added to the Xbox One in this update. Blu-Ray player fans will find that the console now lets them play 3D Blu-Ray discs. Finally, Microsoft is launching the OneGuide for Xbox One owners in Brazil, Mexico, Austria and Ireland.

All told, the August Xbox One Update is one of the largest updates the Xbox One has seen yet. Microsoft wants users to know that it’s listening to feedback and continuing to address the issues that have cropped up. That Microsoft does this is very important. Earlier this week Microsoft announced that in June it sold double the amount of consoles it did in May. It still didn’t provide a solid sales number, but if it hopes to close the sales gap between the Xbox One and the PS4 it’ll need to keep impressing upon potential buyers how hard it’s working to deliver what they want.

The August Xbox One Update will start rolling out to members of the Xbox One Preview Program today. Presumably, it’ll roll out to other Xbox One users sometime in August.

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Xbox Live Getting Facebook-like Facelift in New Xbox One Update is a post by Travis Pope from Gotta Be Mobile.


3 iOS 7 Cydia Tweaks to Improve Siri

GottaBeMobile - Fri, 07/18/2014 - 23:00

3 iOS 7 Cydia Tweaks to Improve Siri is a post by Craig Lloyd from Gotta Be Mobile.

Siri is a nifty tool for iPhone and iPad users, but you can make it even better if your device is jailbroken. Here are three iOS 7 Cydia tweaks that improve Apple’s digital personal assistant.

Hot on the heels of an iOS 7.1.2 jailbreak, we decided to discuss some jailbreak tweaks that iPhone and iPad users can take advantage, and this time we’re focusing on how you can improve iOS 7?s Siri, which is Apple’s virtual personal assistant of sorts.

We’ve already discussed a ton of iOS 7 Cydia tweaks that dramatically improve the iOS 7 experience, but Siri is one category that we still have yet to cover.

Just like with our previous lists of essential jailbreak tweaks, we’re going to show you a few jailbreak tweaks that solve real problems. We want to point out that there are a ton of great Cydia apps and tweaks out there, but a lot of them are fixes for problems that don’t even exist (like a tweak that hides the app name under the icon, or hides the carrier name at the top — unnecessary, but to each his/her own).

The tweaks that we mention are ones that can be huge boons to your iOS 7 experience, and they fix real issues that have annoyed iOS 7 users since day one.

So here are three Siri tweaks that you should try out if you’re looking for an improvement from your iPhone’s virtual assistant.

Advertisement "); //]]>--> Activator

Activator itself isn’t a Siri tweak, as it lets you do a ton of cool stuff with shortcuts, but it now comes with the ability to use Siri in a very interesting way.

Activator now comes with an “Ask Siri” shortcut where you can assign an action to a pre-determined question or command that you can give Siri without ever having to activate Siri and speak out the command.

For instance, I can set up Activator so that whenever I swipe left on the status bar, it will instantly command Siri to set an alarm 20 minutes from now, perfect for quickly setting an alarm for daily power naps using just a swipe of the finger.

Of course, many users are claiming that the Ask Siri feature is a bit buggy, which isn’t too surprising since it’s still new and kind of in the experimental stages, but give it a try yourself and see how it works for you.


Android’s always-on voice recognition comes in handy when you’re hands are tied up, allowing you to say “Ok, Google” and then search for whatever you need. iOS 8 will come with the same feature once it’s released later this year, but a new jailbreak tweak allows iOS 7 users to take advantage of this feature right now.

It’s called OkSiri, and it allows you to activate Siri using just your voice, rather than having to press and hold down on the Home button. You’ll need Activator to make the tweak work, but it’s a free app that you can download in Cydia. OkSiri uses Activator to enable always-on voice recognition and listen for a certain keyword. The keyword defaults to “Ok Siri,” but it can be changed in the tweak’s settings.

Of course, OkSiri isn’t terrific just yet, as it doesn’t hear your command 100% of the time and it’s really slow to respond. It will probably take a few updates to make it perfect, but it’s a good start and it’s worth using if you like Android’s “Ok, Google” command.

Assistant Unrestrictor

Siri is a great tool to have on hand, but when the internet connection goes out, so does Siri. if you find yourself constantly without a data connection while you’re on the go, you might find Assistant Unrestrictor a useful jailbreak tweak.

With the tweak installed, Siri won’t fully become out of service if your iPhone loses a data connection. Instead, Assistant Unrestrictor will automatically route Siri over to Voice Control when something like this happens.

This means that you can still give Siri basic commands, like “set a reminder” or “make a call”. However, internet-based commands that task Siri to search the internet for an answer will be off limits, but once your data connection comes back, the jailbreak tweak will automatically route Siri back to its original self.

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3 iOS 7 Cydia Tweaks to Improve Siri is a post by Craig Lloyd from Gotta Be Mobile.


Destiny Beta Tips, Tricks and Hidden Features

GottaBeMobile - Fri, 07/18/2014 - 21:07

Destiny Beta Tips, Tricks and Hidden Features is a post by Josh Smith from Gotta Be Mobile.

The Destiny Beta is finally here and if you want to take full advantage of the short beta period you’ll want to make use of these Destiny Beta tips, tricks and hidden features to get the most out of the game.

With a limited Destiny beta time frame, we are sharing the Destiny Beta tips and tricks we know to help you get more fun out of the game and get further than you would on your own. The Destiny beta progress won’t carry over to the release version, but it is still fun to see how far you can go and what special powers you can unlock.

We’ll update this list of Destiny Beta tips as we play through the game over the next week, and include other things that the community finds as they work their way through the limited Destiny beta experience.

Use these Destiny beta tips, tricks and hidden features to have more fun during the limited time frame.

Bungie and Activision opened up the Destiny beta on PS3 and PS4 on July 17th and the Xbox 360 and Xbox One Destiny beta starts on July 23rd. There are two days of Downtime on July 21 and 22 and then the Destiny beta officially ends on July 27th.

You need a Destiny beta code to download and install the game on PS4, Xbox One, PS3 or Xbox 360. You’ll get three download codes with each pre-order. This means you can share two with friends, but you are stuck with codes for one system, so you can’t pre-order Destiny on PS4 and get a download code for PS4, PS3 and Xbox One. Check out this guide for more on signing up for the Destiny beta.

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Hopefully you already started the destiny beta download on PS4 and PS3, because it can take a while. There doesn’t appear to be any way to pre-load the Xbox 360 or Xbox One Destiny beta download, so if you are joining late in the game you’ll want to make sure you start  as soon as you can, or you may end up waiting hours to play later. Hopefully all the Destiny beta problems are past us.

Create the a Great Character

When you start you’ll need to pick your guardian, which will influence the special skills you have, equipment at your disposal and of course what your Destiny beta character looks like.

Choose your Destiny beta character. Maximize fun by picking one that suits your play style.

You can choose from a Titan, Hunter or Warlock. Here’s a short description of what each one does well. You cannot change this later, but you can use multiple characters so you’ll experience each of these players during the Destiny beta.

  • TITAN – Armored Guardian that fights with strength and speed. Specials include a Smash to dissolve enemies and a Shield to protect yourself and allies.
  • HUNTER – Stalk and kill with precision as you silently sneak through levels. Specials include a flaming pistol that disintegrates the enemy with solar light and the ability to consume foes with lightning.
  • WARLOCK -  Control the universe to beat your enemies. Special powers include explosive bolts of Void Light and a boost to all of your abilities with Solar Light.

You can also download the Destiny Beta App to make changes to your character from an app on iPhone or Android.

Level Up for Destiny Beta Multiplayer

You’ll need to hit level five to unlock the Crucible where you can enter the multiplayer fun. To do this you’ll need to play through several levels of the story with your Ghost at your side.

If you die during the story mode you’ll respawn nearby most of the time, and only need to play through the a little bit of the mission again.

Level up to unlock the Destiny beta multiplayer.

With this in mind you can go charging in to most battles for a fast kill and quick advancement, instead of slow and plotting.

Invite friends to the Destiny Beta

Make use of the Destiny Beta codes and share with friends. You can play with 2 others for a fire team of three that will make missions easier to handle. Friends can revive you if you fail die and you’ll need to rely on your team mates to beat some of the missions.

You can play single player, but if you really want to experience the Destiny beta, you need to invite your friends. You can jump into a random party, but you may enter a battle halfway through, so keep that in mind.

Get all Your Destiny Beta Loot

When you take out bosses in the Destiny beta you’ll pick up loot that lets you level up your character and weapons for more fun and more destruction.

Visit the postmaster to make sure you get all of your Destiny beta loot.

You pick up some loot at the scene of your victory and in loot crates, but more is delivered to the postmaster in the tower. Stop there to pick it up then go ahead and spend it on upgrades for your character, weapons and more.

Shoot from the Hip

It’s tempting to aim for every shot using the big aiming sights, but if you shoot from the hip not only can you take pride in your marksmanship, you’ll score more damage.

Aiming is great, but you can do more damage firing without aiming.

Melee and Shotgun for Added Lethality

You can combine a shotgun blast and a melee to score more damage and work towards victory faster in the Crucible. You’ll need to work on the timing, but once you get it down, get ready to win. The melee is also key to winning the story mode if you like to get in and mix things up with your Titan, just remember a melee doesn’t always mean an instant kill.

Heavy Ammo and Special Powers

Eventually you’ll be able to use Special powers and pick up heavy ammo for heavy weapons. In the Crucible if you open a crate when your team is nearby everyone gets heavy ammo, but if you do it by yourself only you get the ammo. Hold the triangle on PS4 and PS3 to switch to your heavy weapon.

Use the Weapon Vault to Share Weapons & More

When you visit the tower you can share weapons and other gear and power ups between your various Destiny beta characters. You won’t be trading with other players, but you characters. This allows you to put a weapon suited for a Warlock in his hands and get the perfect load-out for your Titan on that character as well.

Share your weapons between characters using the vault in the Destiny beta tower.

Find Hidden Destiny Beta Features

If you explore the Destiny beta maps you’ll find treasure chests with loot in them. Some are guarded by high level enemies like knights and ogres, so you may need help to collect every treasure.

Also be on the lookout for Spin metal, which allows you to trade a branch looking item for goods later in the game, which means upgrades.

These Destiny beta tips, tricks and hidden features will help you progress through the game and get as much out of the Destiny beta as possible before Bungie closes it down to make you wait for the Destiny release date in September.

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Destiny Beta Tips, Tricks and Hidden Features is a post by Josh Smith from Gotta Be Mobile.


iPhone Reminder Alternatives: 3 Great Apps

GottaBeMobile - Fri, 07/18/2014 - 20:30

iPhone Reminder Alternatives: 3 Great Apps is a post by Craig Lloyd from Gotta Be Mobile.

The stock iPhone Reminder app isn’t all that bad, but developers are doing a heck of a job creating some really great third-party reminder apps. Here are three of our favorites.

A good reminder app is hard to come by these days. The only thing that makes the iPhone’s stock Reminder app any good is its ability to integrate with Siri, allowing you to quickly and easily set reminders by just saying things like, “Remind me to check the laundry in 45 minutes.”

However, setting a reminder manually in the app is a nightmare compared to other reminder apps that are available in the iTunes App Store.

What makes a good reminder app then? It’s a combination of features, simplicity and ease of use. A good reminder app has to allow users to quickly and easily create reminders without a lot of friction, and this is where the simplicity of the app is important. If it’s too complex, it’ll be a nightmare to use, but it also needs a healthy amount of features to become the one-stop shop for reminders. A good balance between all three of these aspects is hard to do, but some apps have managed to make it happen.


When it comes to a hard-and-fast direct alternative to the stock iPhone Reminders app, Checkmark is about the best it gets.

It’s purely a reminder app, with the ability to set location-based reminders as well. Creating time-based reminders is really quick and easy to do, taking much less time to create a reminder than the stock app.

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Checkmark is still a bit more complex than many simpletons may like, but it takes way less time to create reminders than the stock Reminders app. It’s mostly the location-based reminders that can get a bit complex, as you have to add a location either by entering in an address or dropping a pin onto a map, and then create the reminder.

It’s a little pricey at $9.99, but it’s one of the best direct alternatives to the stock Reminders app.


If it’s a minimalistic interface you’re going after, then Clear is your best bet.

Clear is ultimately a to-do list app first and foremost, but a recent update added the functionality to set reminders for to-do list items, and it’s really easy to do. Just tap on Add Reminder for any one item and set a time and date.

The app relies almost purely on swipe gestures to create tasks and reminders, making it really easy to use without any complicated menus to navigate through. Swiping down creates a new to-do list item, while swiping to the right clears an item off of your to-do list. Essentially 95% of the app relies on swipe gestures.


One of the most popular all-around task management apps is Any.DO, which allows you to create to-do lists and set reminders for each item.

Any.DO also comes with a simple interface that doesn’t cut down on the feature set, so you still all of the great features that you’ll need in order to create a powerful to-do list, but it’s really easy to use at the same time.

Plus, while the stock Reminders app as the ability to create reminders with Siri, Any.DO allows users to do something similar, by creating tasks and reminders with their voice, using Any.DO’s built-in voice features that use the iPhone’s dictation tool.

The app also allows you to share to-do lists with friends and family members, alerting each user of a reminder. This makes Any.DO one of the best apps for collaborative purposes, as well as great app that does a good job of making you stay on task.

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iPhone Reminder Alternatives: 3 Great Apps is a post by Craig Lloyd from Gotta Be Mobile.


3 Destiny Beta Videos That Prove You Should Pre-Order

GottaBeMobile - Fri, 07/18/2014 - 14:46

3 Destiny Beta Videos That Prove You Should Pre-Order is a post by Travis Pope from Gotta Be Mobile.

We’re only a single day into the Destiny Beta, but already a few Destiny Beta videos have cropped up, showcasing the best of the game’s combat and why Xbox One and PS4 users should pre-order the game as soon as they can.

The first of these spectacular Destiny Beta videos began appearing last night, just after the PlayStation Network, Sony’s online gaming service, recovered from PS4 and PS3 owners all trying to download the game at the same time.

A Destiny Beta video posted last night provides a great overview of the game’s Control multiplayer play-type. In it users are tasked with capturing specific areas by eliminating the opposition. Users who’ve played a Bungie-made game before will find the combat familiar, but this video does showcase one of the coolest things about Destiny, the automated killing robots that can be just as deadly as other Destiny Beta players.

Another Destiny Beta video showcases the game’s in-depth character customization. Forget just being able to add different helmets and emblems that you collect over time. Destiny Beta players can customize their character’s gender, hair, markings on their face and their facial express. This Destiny beta video also reveals that users can customize the actual color of just about everything, from their character’s skin color and markings, to their eye color. Again, of course users can choose to cover all that up with helmets and outfits of their choice.

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A final Destiny Beta video reveals just how varied the gameplay in Destiny is. YouTube user Austyn Fuller uses a combination of automatic rifles, grenades, magical powers and sheer know-how to absolutely dominate a match he’s playing in. By the time he finishes, he’s managed to stack an impressive 30 kills in a single match. Sure, he seems to be a seasoned player, but it’s hard to deny that Destiny offers a lot for everyone.

The Destiny Beta launched on the PS4 and PS3 yesterday, but Xbox One and Xbox 360 users won’t have to wait long until they’re able to create Destiny Beta videos of their own. Owners of Microsoft’s Xbox One and Xbox 360 consoles will get access to the Destiny Beta on July 23rd. There they’ll be able to create a character built around one of the game’s three classes and take on enemies just as PS4 users can today. The Destiny Beta includes access to the Tower, a social area for users to catch up with other Destiny Beta players. There’s also a bit of story mode, a competitive multiplayer experience and the option to just free roam around the game’s worlds.

Unfortunately, for those who weren’t planning to pre-order, how you get into the Destiny Beta remains the same. To make it in, users need to pre-order a copy of Destiny from a participating retailer. Once they have, they’ll find a beta code in their email or on their receipt if they’re ordering a physical copy from stores like GameStop. The Xbox One still doesn’t have a digital pre-order system. As such, Xbox One users who want to join in on the festivities will actually need to pre-order the game at a participating retailer, then cancel their pre-order once the Destiny Beta is over.

Nothing has changed about the advantages owners of Sony’s PS4 get either. Those who purchase one of the limited edition versions of the game on Sony’s platforms will get access to exclusive content that Xbox One and Xbox 360 users won’t get until the fall of 2015 at the earliest. That’s a shame considering Bungie and Activision haven’t seen fit to lower the price of the limited games on Microsoft’s platforms because of this.

The final version of Destiny launches September 9th.

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3 Destiny Beta Videos That Prove You Should Pre-Order is a post by Travis Pope from Gotta Be Mobile.


Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited Arrives as the Netflix for eBooks

GottaBeMobile - Fri, 07/18/2014 - 14:26

Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited Arrives as the Netflix for eBooks is a post by Craig Lloyd from Gotta Be Mobile.

Amazon has launched a new Kindle ebook service called Kindle Unlimited that allows you to rent an unlimited number of ebooks for just a monthly fee of $9.99.

The service is an all-you-can-read buffet that costs just $10 per month, and with that you get to choose from over 600,000 ebooks and “thousands” of audiobooks — Amazon didn’t call it Kindle Unlimited for nothing, although yes, it is limited to some extent.

A few of the major publishers aren’t accounted for, including Hachette, HarperCollins, Penguin Random House, Simon & Schuster, and Macmillan, so while there are hundreds of thousands of titles to choose from, some of your favorite authors and titles may not be available.

However, there are still many popular titles to choose from, including some of the biggest book-to-movie titles such as Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and the Hunger Games. Also, from what we’re seeing, Kindle Unlimited looks to have a larger selection than Amazon Prime’s Lending Library, but that could be up for debate. If you’re not sure if a book that you want to read with your Kindle Unlimited service is available, just look for the Kindle Unlimited stamp on eligible titles, where you can then click “Read for Free.”

If you’re not sure whether or not you want to buy into Kindle Unlimited, Amazon is offering users a free 30-day trial that allows you to get a feel for the service to see if you like it or not. Plus, the online retail giant will also throw in a three-month subscription to Audible, as well as the ability to access over 2,000 audiobooks through Amazon’s Whispersync service, which lets you switch between reading and listening to a book flawlessly on your Kindle or in the Kindle app.

This is a huge step for the ebook market, and it’s even a bigger step for readers themselves, as they can now pay a flat fee every month and read as many books as they want. Obviously, this service won’t be for everyone, but if you’re a fast reader and can get through a book in a day or two, Kindle Unlimited might be something worth checking out.

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It’s worth mentioning that this service is for ebooks only, meaning that you have to have a Kindle device or a smartphone or tablet that can run the Kindle mobile app. So if you were looking forward to renting actual books, that’s sadly not what this service is, which is unfortunate, because if you’re like many users, you just can’t read books on a digital device — there’s nothing better than the real thing.

As for whether or not this kind of system could take off in popularity is still up in the air, but we wouldn’t be surprised to see it become a must-have option like Amazon Prime. Netflix has been thriving with it’s all-you-can-watch movie and TV show streaming service for just $8.99 per month. It’s been a huge hit and it looks like Amazon thinks it can accomplish the same with ebooks.

Even if you don’t have a smartphone or tablet to read ebooks on, a dedicated Kindle device is really cheap, with the entry-level model costing just $69, although we’ve seen it on sale several times in the past for $49, so you can usually get them discounted if you’re patient.

Furthermore, the company’s flagship Kindle device, the Paperwhite, can be bought for $119, but again, we’ve seen it on sale for under $100 multiple times this year already, so you can easily get a good deal on it if you wait for one to come around. You don’t definitely won’t be sorry that you waited.

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Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited Arrives as the Netflix for eBooks is a post by Craig Lloyd from Gotta Be Mobile.


MagSafe Charger for iPhone 5s Touts Hassle-Free Charging

GottaBeMobile - Thu, 07/17/2014 - 21:17

MagSafe Charger for iPhone 5s Touts Hassle-Free Charging is a post by Craig Lloyd from Gotta Be Mobile.

Apple’s Lightning connector is a huge improvement over its legacy 30-pin cable, but a new Kickstarter campaign aims to bring the MacBook’s popular MagSafe connector to the iPhone as an even better option.

The accessory lineup is called Cabin, and it includes a MagSafe attachment for your iPhone 5s or iPhone 5, a MagSafe adapter for your Lightning cable, a MagSafe iPhone dock, and a battery case that adds 130% more juice to your iPhone.

The most notable accessory in the bunch is the MagSafe adapter and the iPhone attachment. This allows you to plug in your iPhone effortlessly, since it uses magnets that perfectly line up the charging pins, so the cable only has to be in the vicinity and the magnets will do the rest.

If you’re not familiar with the MagSafe technology, it’s a feature that you can find on MacBooks. Instead of using a traditional plug connection like most chargers, MagSafe uses a magnetic connection to charge MacBooks. It’s not only easier to connect the charger cable to the MacBook, but it’s also a safety measure that prevents MacBooks from being knocked to the floor if someone accidentally trips over the cable.

We could easily see this same technology be used with the iPhone and iPad, but Apple decided to stick with a traditional plug system with its Lightning connector. However, Cabin looks to change the way you charge your iPhone.

Pledging $25 will get you the iPhone MagSafe connector and an adapter that you plug into the end of your Lightning cable. Pledging $59 will get you the adapter and connector, as well as a custom iPhone dock with MagSafe that allows you to dock and undock your iPhone quickly and easily.

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Furthermore, $89 will get you the adapter, connecter and the Cabin battery case, which gives you 2,200 mah of extra iPhone juice, which is 130% the capacity of the iPhone’s battery in the first place. Plus,the battery case looks a lot thinner and less bulky than other battery cases out on the market, so it could end up being a big hit, especially since it connects easily to your iPhone with MagSafe.

Finally, $135 will get you all four items, including the MagSafe cable adapter, iPhone connector, the battery case, and the iPhone dock.

This is a great concept for iPhone and we’re frankly surprised that we haven’t seen anything like this until now, either from Apple itself or from third-party accessory makers.

Unfortunately, we think that this Kickstarter campaign will catch the eyes of Apple’s lawyers and it probably won’t end well. It’s up in the air as far as whether Apple will do anything or not, but it’s safe to say that the project could hit some roadblocks in the legal department.

Hopefully, though, the Kickstarter gets successfully funded and a new way to charge your iPhone will be born. MagSafe is an awesome technology to have, and we hope that Apple eventually cuts MacBook exclusivity and brings it over to iOS devices, but it’s something that Apple engineers will probably have to think about, as the parts needed might not natively fit inside an iPhone in the first place.

In any case, if this is something that you’re interested, go pledge now, but you have over a month to think it over. It looks like the campaign is well on pace to get funded, so there shouldn’t be any worries there. Plus, $25 for MagSafe on your iPhone is kind of a steal, considering that Apple sells normal Lightning cables for $20 a pop. Hopefully these MagSafe adapters will catch on and we’ll see more of this in the future.

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MagSafe Charger for iPhone 5s Touts Hassle-Free Charging is a post by Craig Lloyd from Gotta Be Mobile.


Moto X Android 4.4 KitKat Update Rollout Continues

GottaBeMobile - Thu, 07/17/2014 - 21:11

Moto X Android 4.4 KitKat Update Rollout Continues is a post by Cory Gunther from Gotta Be Mobile.

The Moto X Android 4.4 KitKat update has arrived for more and more users over the past few months, and now we’ve received word that the latest Android 4.4.4 KitKat release is headed to one more variant of the Moto X.

Over the past few months Google’s been busy with software updates. Rolling out Android 4.4.3 KitKat, then quickly after that Android 4.4.4 KitKat back in June. This disrupted the update timeline for many carriers and manufacturers, Motorola included, but they’re finally back on track.

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Last month Android 4.4.3 arrived for the Moto X from a few different carriers in the United States, while others such as Verizon were still stuck on Android 4.4.2, which introduced a few software issues and bugs. However, today we’re hearing the latest Android 4.4.4 KitKat for the Moto X on Verizon is coming soon.

Motorola was one of the first to issue updates to Android 4.4.3 KitKat for many of its popular devices, and it looks like Android 4.4.4 KitKat may be up next for those with the Verizon Moto X. Just like earlier this week, today the Motorola Feedback Network is inviting select members of its forum to test a brand new Moto X Android software update, but they didn’t state which version.

As a reminder, the Verizon Moto X currently runs Android 4.4.2 KitKat, and never received the 4.4.3 upgrade the Sprint and T-Mobile variants saw late last month. Verizon isn’t usually first to software updates, but the Motorola devices on their network have received rather excellent support when it comes to software updates and fixes.

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In what Motorola calls a “soak test” certain members of their feedback network get to beta test final release software before Verizon Wireless distributes it to the mass public. This usually signals that the next software update is finally ready for the public, and needs one more final beta test before getting the green light.

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The Motorola DROID Ultra and MAXX started getting Android 4.4.4 KitKat earlier this week, skipping both Android 4.4.2 and 4.4.3 and going right to the latest and greatest, and many are expecting the Verizon Moto X to receive the same treatment. There isn’t much difference between Android 4.4.3 and 4.4.4, but Google’s improved the experience and patched some extremely important security holes. So the update is certainly welcomed.

So what does this mean for regular Verizon Moto X users? This means that both Verizon and Motorola have finalized a software update for your handset, and after another day or two of quick testing it should hopefully start rolling out to all users. If no issues or problems are found, expect the latest Android 4.4.3 or Android 4.4.4 KitKat for the Moto X to arrive on your Verizon smartphone over the next 1-2 weeks.

Traditionally soak tests only takes 24-48 hours to make sure all is clear, then Verizon posts the full update details and changelog to its support forum. Once that happens we can expect the Android 4.4.4 KitKat update to start arriving the same day, and complete within two weeks. This means all Verizon Moto X owners are likely just days or weeks away from running the absolute latest version of Android released by Google.

The Moto X already received Android 4.4.4 KitKat outside of the U.S. but carriers stateside tend to take a little longer than other regions. That being said, the wait isn’t very long and we’ll know more as soon as the soak tests start hitting beta tester handsets. That will confirm which version of Android is coming in the next Verizon over-the-air update, and what to expect. Stay tuned and we’ll report back with any and all details once they’ve been made available.

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Moto X Android 4.4 KitKat Update Rollout Continues is a post by Cory Gunther from Gotta Be Mobile.


NFL Sunday Ticket for All, but Watch Out for the Fine Print

GottaBeMobile - Thu, 07/17/2014 - 15:10

NFL Sunday Ticket for All, but Watch Out for the Fine Print is a post by Craig Lloyd from Gotta Be Mobile.

NFL Sunday Ticket is now available to anyone without the need for a DirecTV satellite subscription, but pay attention to the fine print, as there may be a catch.

Previously, NFL Sunday Ticket was only available to those who subscribed to DirecTV, and even then you still had to pay for the NFL streaming, which didn’t make much sense as far as its exclusivity with DirecTV, but that’s changing now, as DirecTV has announced that NFL Sunday Ticket will be available to anyone willing to shell out at least $200 for the privilege of streaming any game all season long.

This is the first time ever that NFL Sunday Ticket has become available for non-DirecTV subscribers, finally making it an option for anyone who wants to stream football games live to their mobile devices, computers, or game consoles.

The new package tiers consist of three packages. The entry-level package costs $199 and allows you to stream any NFL game on your computer or mobile device. For $239, you can stream games from your game console, but you won’t be able to stream them from your computer or mobile devices as well, which seems like a big oversight, especially considering that you’re paying $40 more for this package.

The last package is the granddaddy of them all. For $329, you’ll be able to stream games from your computer, mobile devices, or game console, as well as get access to the Red Zone Channel and DirecTV’s Fantasy Zone for fantasy football players.

Each tier will include the ability to get real-time stats and scores on every team, as well as the ability to track your favorite players, (which you can get for free anyways on several websites on the internet. Amazing!).

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This is all sounds great, but be aware of the fine print. Most notably, blackout restrictions apply, so if you live near your home team (which you most likely due), you’ll be blacked out from streaming it.

One of the biggest complaints with sports streaming apps is that they usually have blackout restrictions, meaning that if you live near the team you’re wanting to watch, you won’t be able to. This is to get more people to the stadium to watch the game, rather than just stay at home and watch it on the TV (and it also has to do with broadcast licensing rights and a whole bunch of other nonsense). It’s a clever move for the parties involved, but it’s really annoying for us fans.

There’s an easy way around blackout restrictions that we tried in the MLB At Bat app, although the recent updates to MLB At Bat seem to block these methods, so your mileage may vary based on how you set up your VPN and what VPN service you use.

One question that we’ve been asked already is if users will be able to DVR a game with NFL Sunday Ticket and watch it later. The short answer is no. Obivously, if you have DirecTV and are watching NFL Sunday Ticket through that service, then you can DVR it and watch it later, but if you’re streaming the games on your mobile device, game console, or computer, you won’t be able to record them in order to watch them later, unless you have a special DVR card installed in your computer. Other than that, your only option is to watch the games live.

Streaming for NFL Sunday Ticket begins on September 7, which is when the NFL regular season will kick off, so be sure to buy into a package to get the full benefits before that date if you want to catch all the games.

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NFL Sunday Ticket for All, but Watch Out for the Fine Print is a post by Craig Lloyd from Gotta Be Mobile.


How to Delete Your Internet Browser History

GottaBeMobile - Thu, 07/17/2014 - 14:25

How to Delete Your Internet Browser History is a post by Craig Lloyd from Gotta Be Mobile.

There are many reasons to delete your internet browser history. No matter what reason you choose, here’s how to delete it and hide your tracks.

First off, it’s important to note that your browser history and search history are two different things. This how-to guide will show you how to delete your browser history, but we also have a guide on how to delete your Google Search history as well.

Unless you browse with Incognito Mode  or Private Browsing Mode enabled, every single website you visit is saved in the web browser’s history. This can be a convenient feature to have, as it allows you to go back and find a website that you may have forgotten weeks later.

Furthermore, having a browser history makes it easier and quicker to browse the web in the first place. When a web browser saves your history, it saves the URLs as well, so when you go to type in a web address, your web browser will automatically fill it in if you’ve visited that website before.

Image Credit: Oliver

However, you may not want your web browser to save your browsing history, and we don’t blame you. Not only does it show what websites you’ve visited, but storing all of that information takes up storage space on your computer, and if you’re quickly running out of disk space, clearing your browser’s history and cache is a good place to start.

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Here’s how you can delete your web browsing history on your desktop or laptop computer, with instructions for Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

Google Chrome
  • On Mac, start by clicking on History in the menubar at the top and selecting Show Full History at the bottom. On Windows, you’ll click the menu button in the upper-right corner and then click History.
  • Next, click Clear browsing data….

  • You’ll want to checkmark Browsing history, but you can also checkmark other options in the list while you’re at it.
  • You can also select how far back you want your browsing history deleted using the drop-down menu next to Obliterate the following items from:.
  • Once you’re happy with your selections, go ahead and click Clear browsing data.
Mozilla Firefox
  • On Mac, start by clicking on History in the menubar at the top and selecting Clear Recent History…. On Windows, click the orange Firefox button in the upper-left corner and navigate to History > Clear Recent History….

  • You’ll want to make sure that Browsing & Download History is checkmarked, but you can you also checkmark other items that you want to delete as well.
  • You can also select how far back you want your browsing history deleted using the drop-down menu next to Time range to clear:.
  • Once you’re happy with your selections, go ahead and click Clear Now.

Apple makes it a bit easier and much more no-frills to delete your internet browsing history.

  • Simply click on History in the menubar at the top, and then click Clear History… at the bottom of the drop-down menu.
  • You’ll get a pop-up prompt confirming the action. Click Clear to confirm and delete your browsing history.

Protect Yourself Next Time

If you don’t want your web browser to save your browsing history in the first place, be sure to open up a new window in Incognito Mode or Private Browsing Mode. This will make sure that any websites you visit don’t get saved to your history.

You can change the settings around so that your web browser doesn’t save any of your browsing history at all, even if you’re not in Private Browsing Mode. This settings can usually be found within the browser history menus where you erased your browsing history.

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How to Delete Your Internet Browser History is a post by Craig Lloyd from Gotta Be Mobile.


Best Android Tablet Apps [July, 2014]

GottaBeMobile - Wed, 07/16/2014 - 22:39

Best Android Tablet Apps [July, 2014] is a post by Cory Gunther from Gotta Be Mobile.

When it comes to buying an Android tablet one thing that constantly gets talked about is apps. In the early days of Android tablets the app selection wasn’t very good, and the OS wasn’t built with a tablet in mind. However, things have severely changed over the course of the past few years and the app selection is getting better by the day.

These days when we talk about mobile apps, tablets just get thrown in there as supported, but not all apps fully support or cater to the Android tablet like we’d all like. That being said, there are still tons of awesome apps and games for Android tablets you’ll want to try out.

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Once you buy any of the impressive cheap Android tablets from the list above, or get a new Samsung Galaxy Tab S, you’ll immediately want to start enjoying it by trying a few awesome apps that work wonderfully with Android tablets. There’s an entire section on the Google Play Store for your tablet, but below is a list of some of our favorite and most used Android tablet apps.

Now of course there are plenty of apps that you’re all familiar with that work great with Android tablets. Things like Google Drive, Google Keep, YouTube, or many other popular apps built and designed by Google. However, it’s apps by other developers that will help the platform grow.

Often times apps simply look the same on a tablet, and sometimes those layouts don’t work or carry over to the tablet in a way that’s as usable, friendly, or enjoyable. As a result users have a mixed experience, and surely you’ve all ran into this problem. Not to mention many buyers use their tablets for different reasons than a smartphone. So, below is a list of excellent Android tablet apps that looked and worked great on my Nexus 7 and LG G Pad 8.3, and should be good for any Android tablet available today.

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These aren’t all apps either. Some are games, some are for productivity, and you can’t forget security in case of loss or theft. So read on and give them all a try.

.gbmslideshow { border-width: 0px; } #gbmslideshow { border-width: 0px; } Android Device Manager1 / 10

Before we get started on awesome apps and games for your tablet, you'll want to make sure you'll be in charge should you ever lose your tablet, or it gets stolen. The Android Device Manager will help you locate a lost device, wipe all your data to keep important files or documents safe, and even turn on those speakers if it's lost somwhere in your house. Whether the kids hide it under the couch, it gets misplaced, or even stolen, Android Device Manager should be installed and setup.

Read: How to Find a Lost or Stolen Android Smartphone or Tablet

Android Device Manager Link

1 / 10

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Best Android Tablet Apps [July, 2014] is a post by Cory Gunther from Gotta Be Mobile.


How to Delete Your Facebook Account

GottaBeMobile - Wed, 07/16/2014 - 20:06

How to Delete Your Facebook Account is a post by Craig Lloyd from Gotta Be Mobile.

If you’re fed up with Facebook and the amount of drama and idiocy that shows up in your News Feed, here’s how to delete your Facebook account once and for all.

Facebook used to be a magical place where college students were able to connect with each other in a way that was never thought possible. However, many will argue that the social network has turned into a cesspool filled with immature teenagers and folks who shouldn’t even be near a computer in the first place.

Don’t get me wrong, Facebook is a great place to show friends and family members what you’re up to, especially those who live far away that you’re not able to connect to in real life, but if it isn’t worth the mess of stupid posts that you see daily, on top of the many privacy concerns, there’s a way you can put an end to it all right now.

Here’s how to delete your Facebook account and bring order to chaos in your digital life.

Clearing Out the Clutter

Believe it or not, you don’t need Facebook. Sure, you might say that it’s a great way to stay in touch with people who live far away, but that’s why phones were invented, and also instant messaging and video chat.

On the other end of the spectrum, you might be using Facebook simply to view your News Feed and see what other people are up to. Sometimes this can be entertaining, but more often than not, you start to get sick of political arguments, rants, and constant bragging from other users about how awesome their life is.

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Of course, I probably don’t even need to convince you to delete your Facebook account, as the reason that you’re probably reading this is because you want to do exactly that. Facebook doesn’t make it extremely difficult to delete your account, but they partially hide it to make it at least a little difficult to do so, because they ultimately don’t want you to go, but you’ve already made up your mind.

Deleting Your Facebook Account on Your Computer

If you want to delete your Facebook account from your desktop or laptop computer, just follow these simple steps:

  • Visit the Facebook website and click on the small downward-facing arrow in the upper-right corner of the web page. From there, click on Settings.

  • Then, click on Security in the left-hand sidebar under General.
  • There will be a list of options shown, but you want to click the link at the bottom that says Deactivate your account.

  • You’ll then be taken to a screen where Facebook tries to convince you that your friends will miss you, and there’s also a little form toward the bottom that you can fill out. Do whatever you feel necessary on this page and then click Confirm.

Deleting Your Facebook Account on Your iPhone or iPad

The process for deleting your Facebook account from your iPhone or iPad is similar to how you would do it on a computer, but there are slight changes in the menus that you’ll be navigating.

  • Open up the Facebook app on your iOS device, and tap on the More tab in the lower-right corner.
  • Scroll all the way down and tap on Settings, then tap on General.

  • Tap on Deactivate at the bottom of the list shown. You’ll be asked to enter in your Facebook password for security reasons (just in case someone else isn’t using your iPhone and deleting your account).

  • You’ll then be taken to a short survey on why you’re deleting your Facebook account. Once you’re done with that, tap on Deactivate to finish the process.

Deleting Your Facebook Account on Your Android Device

As with the iOS version of Facebook, the process to deleting your Facebook account is similar on Android.

  • Open up the Facebook app on your Android device and tap on the More tab in the menu bar. It will be the icon with three parallel lines stacked on top of each other.
  • Scroll down and tap on Account Settings, and then tap on General.

  • Next, tap on Deactivate. You’ll then be taken to a short survey. Fill it out and then tap on Deactivate again to finish the process.

You can always reactivate your Facebook account if you ever change your mind. Simply just log in as usual and then follow the prompts to reactivate your account.

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How to Delete Your Facebook Account is a post by Craig Lloyd from Gotta Be Mobile.


Top 5 Phones to Consider Before Buying the Galaxy Note 2 [July, 2014]

GottaBeMobile - Wed, 07/16/2014 - 19:25

Top 5 Phones to Consider Before Buying the Galaxy Note 2 [July, 2014] is a post by Adam Mills from Gotta Be Mobile.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is closing in on its second birthday but thanks to an Android 4.4 KitKat update and a cheap price tag, it remains an option to consumers in the month of July. That said, we think there are some devices that consumers must consider before buying the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 this month.

All the way back in 2012, Samsung took to the stage and announced the all new Galaxy Note 2 to replace the original Galaxy Note. The Samsung Galaxy Note 2, as expected, debuted with a number of upgrades over the original including a larger display, improved design, more carriers, an improved S Pen, and better software.

The device helped propel the the Samsung Galaxy series beyond niche status and it firmly established the brand alongside Samsung’s other series, the Samsung Galaxy S. Of course, that was nearly two years ago.

Nowadays, the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is an aging former flagship that commands an extremely cheap price tag wherever it is sold. And thanks to powerful hardware, including a quad-core processor, updated software, and its price, the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is still a device that many people are considering this year.

We are constantly bombarded with questions about which phones to buy. In particular, we’re constantly asked about the phones consumers should weigh against the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. There are a number of different devices that we could recommend, the smartphone market is full of solid choices, but we want to narrow things down a bit and take a look at what we consider to be the top five.

These devices represent the devices that we’d recommend to friends and family. And while our list may differ from yours, these are the devices that Gotta Be Mobile editors have selected for recognition this month. We feel like the devices listed here deliver the best, all-around package for this month and this month alone.

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That said, here are the top five smartphones to consider before buying the Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

.gbmslideshow { border-width: 0px; } #gbmslideshow { border-width: 0px; } Samsung Galaxy Note 31 / 5

First, you absolutely must take a look at the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 before buying into the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. The Galaxy Note 3, the Galaxy Note 2's successor, comes with upgrades in just about every single key area and over the past few months, we've seen its price drop to more afforable levels.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 comes with a better display, camera, design, improved software, processor, and more. All-around, it's a better device than the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and one that's going to stick around for a lot longer. The Galaxy Note 2 may not get any software updates beyond Android 4.4.

With its price tag in decline, now is the time to jump on the current model rather than a model that will turn two years old in just a few short weeks.

1 / 5

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Top 5 Phones to Consider Before Buying the Galaxy Note 2 [July, 2014] is a post by Adam Mills from Gotta Be Mobile.


iPhone Mail Alternatives: 3 Great Apps

GottaBeMobile - Wed, 07/16/2014 - 14:07

iPhone Mail Alternatives: 3 Great Apps is a post by Craig Lloyd from Gotta Be Mobile.

If you’re not a big fan of the stock Mail app on your iPhone, here are three great alternatives that you should try out.

The Mail app that comes pre-installed on your iPhone can be handy to have, especially if it’s all you really know, and since it’s natively integrated into the iOS ecosystem, it makes certain tasks really easy to do, like sharing a link through email or opening up an attachment from Mail to another iOS service.

However, we’ve discovered that the stock Mail app isn’t the best available, and there are several options for third-party email apps that do a much better job. Plus, you can get them for free in the iTunes App Store.

Of course, many users are happy using the stock Mail app on their iPhone, and that’s great! But if you’re looking to take your email to the next level, here are a few apps that you should consider using.


If you have a Gmail account (and most users do), it’s most certainly wise to take advantage of the Gmail app for iPhone.

Gmail has all of the great features that you’ll find on the web interface, including tags, filters, etc. All of your settings in Gmail will sync over to your iPhone within the app, and while importing your Gmail account into the stock Mail app works just fine most of the time, the Gmail app works seamlessly with your Gmail account, for obvious reasons.

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While we would like the user interface to be a bit simpler and easier to navigate, it’s no doubt that the Gmail app is packed with features that you can also find on the web interface, making it the perfect option for Gmail users on the iPhone.


If you’d much rather prefer a better-looking user interface, you can’t go wrong with Mailbox.

The app mainly relies on simple swipe gestures that allow you to archive and delete emails in a timely manner with ease. Mailbox is all about getting its users to “inbox zero,” which is an internet phrase that means clearing out your email inbox completely to take away any stress of emails piling up. The quick swiping gestures definitely make that process much easier, and you’ll find yourself completing the task in very little time.

Unfortunately, Mailbox only supports Gmail, so you’re out of luck if you use Yahoo Mail or another email service, but the developers behind Mailbox say that support for more email services is on the way.


While development of Sparrow has ceased, the app is still available and is still one of the best email clients around.

Like Mailbox, Sparrow relies mostly on quick swiping gestures in order to help you get through your email quickly and easily. The app even comes with a unified inbox option that allows you to view all of your email from all of your email accounts in one combined inbox.

Sparrow can also integrate with various social media services, so that your address book is filled with your contacts’ information and photo.

The biggest downside to Sparrow is that it doesn’t offer push notifications, and they won’t be coming anytime soon in an update since development has stopped, but if you’re like and think push notifications are the devil, then this really won’t be a big deal to you.


There are a ton more email apps for iPhone that are available in the iTunes App Store, but these three are really the only worthy alternatives to Apple’s stock Mail app in iOS. Of course, if you use an email service other than Gmail, like Yahoo, Outlook, etc., you can download the iPhone apps for each in order to get the most catered email experience on your iPhone.

Otherwise, these three options are the best around, but we’d love to hear any other email clients that you use that we didn’t mention. Feel free to shout them out in the comments and state your argument!

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iPhone Mail Alternatives: 3 Great Apps is a post by Craig Lloyd from Gotta Be Mobile.


Try New Android L Features on Android 4.4.4

GottaBeMobile - Wed, 07/16/2014 - 13:36

Try New Android L Features on Android 4.4.4 is a post by Josh Smith from Gotta Be Mobile.

The new Android L release isn’t coming until later this year and it may be a while before the update arrives on every phone. If you want to try the new Android L features without installing the Android L beta on a Nexus 5 or Nexus 7, you can use these Android L app downloads to try new Android features on Android 4.4.4 and other older versions, if you are lucky.

Google offers the full Android L experience for the Nexus 5 and Nexus 7, but if you own the Nexus 4 or another device running Android 4.4.4 or a close version of Android you can try out some of the new Android features without the need to root or flash anything.

Read: Android L Breakdown

We already showed you how to get the Android L Keyboard on any Android phone without root, and this will show you where you can download Android L apps, Android L wallpapers, Android L Launcher, Search and more.

Download Android L apps and features for Android 4.4.4.

If you want to experience the full Android L features and experience you’ll need to download the Android L beta for Nexus 5 and Nexus 7, or the unofficial Nexus 4 Android L beta. For users that just want to experience some of the new Android L apps and features without leaving Android 4.4.4, here’s what you need to know.

Advertisement "); //]]>--> Android L Apps & Features for Android 4.4.4

Xda developer forum member ivan123 shares a roundup of Android L apps and Android L files that help deliver the experience on Android 4.4.4. Although you don’t need root to use these files, you will need it for a few. If you choose to run Android L apps on Android 4.4.4, or older versions like Android 4.4.3 and Android 4.4.2, you may need to work around some bugs and follow additional instructions to use the apps.

Google showed a beautiful new look for Android L apps like Gmail, YouTube, Google Play and others at Google I/O, but the new look is not available on these apps just yet.

Android L Apps

You can download a large number of Android L apps from this Mega link. If you want to download them all in one go, use this link to download all of the Android L apps that ivan123 pulled from the developer preview. This includes the new camera app and other stock apps.

Google Home Launcher

If you want the new Google Home launcher you’ll need to download this file, and be prepared to edit you build.prop using the instructions in the xda-developer thread if you experience crashes.

If you want the new “Material Design” version of the Android L launcher, you need to follow these directions from Ashutos1997, to edit your build.prop. You’ll need root to edit your build.prop, and an app like Build Prop Editor is an easy way to do so.

Google Search & Play Services 5.0

You can download the new Google Search and Google Play services through these links. These are an essential part of some other apps, so if you plan to use the Android L apps on Android 4.4.4, make sure you download and install these, especially the Google Search velvet apk.

Android L Keyboard

Grab the Android L keyboard and other apps for Android 4.4.4 and older versions.

You don’t need root to use the new Android L Keyboard. It is no longer on the Google Play Store, but you can download it and use it on Android 4.4.4 and other devices. Here’s what you need to know to download the Android L keyboard and use it on your phone.

Android L Wallpapers

If you just want to put the Android L wallpapers on your current device you can use this link to download 11 Android L wallpapers. You can use these on any device by placing them on your device and selecting them as a wallpaper or lock screen in settings.

Android L Ringtones, Alarms, Fonts & Boot Animation

IF you want to use other parts of Android L, you can check out the rest of the Android L downloads on xda-developers where you’ll find flashable and non-flashable versions of the Android L ringtones, alarms, fonts and even boot animations.

Speed Up Your Android Without Android L

If you are on Android 4.4.4 or almost any Android 4.4 device you can switch to the new ART runtime which can dramatically boost the speed of your Android device.

Follow this guide to speed up the HTC One M8, Galaxy S5 and other devices running Android 4.4 and higher.

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Try New Android L Features on Android 4.4.4 is a post by Josh Smith from Gotta Be Mobile.


“Weird Al” Just Made Every English Teacher’s Perfect Video

The Tech Savvy Educator - Wed, 07/16/2014 - 13:20

If you haven’t seen “Weird Al’s” newest video yet (and I’ll forgive you, it was only released yesterday), you owe it to yourself to watch “Word Crimes“, one of eight videos he’s dropping this week in celebration of his latest album, Mandatory Fun. I dare say it’s the quintessential realization of every Grammar Nazi, English Nerd, and K-12 teacher’s pet peeves when it comes to mastering the English language in written form. Sure, it comes a bit late to be parodying Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines“, but as usual, when Al spoofs a song, he does it with a level of detail and musical perfection that it’s often difficult to distinguish it from the original….if you aren’t paying attention to the lyrics that is.

I was never one to harp on grammar when I was in the classroom. I had the luxury of never having to teach it, and while many of my colleagues would likely call me out for being one of those lazy teachers that just doesn’t understand the importance of all teachers reinforcing good grammar, I took a different tact. I wanted my students to write poetically, in a flowing prose that had more force of emotion and structure rather than perfect grammar. In other words; I wanted my students to write as lyrically as “Weird Al” has here in one of his best parodies I’ve seen in a long time.

And I’m not the only one that took notice. The internet exploded yesterday with tweets, Google+ posts, and my Facebook feed was flooded with links sharing the video from all the geeky people in my life (teachers or not):

Weird Al's music video for "Word Crimes" will make grammar nerds swoon

— Huffington Post (@HuffingtonPost) July 15, 2014

Weird Al shows off his big dictionary in the "Blurred Lines" parody "Word Crimes":

— Rolling Stone (@RollingStone) July 15, 2014

Weird Al's "Blurred Lines" parody wants to fix your grammar:

— Mashable (@mashable) July 16, 2014

Yes, indeed, it’s a good week to be a “Weird Al” fan or someone who has a particular penchant for perfect grammar. I’m not sure how relevant or effective this would be to show your struggling English students; for sure, it’s memorable in that typical “Weird Al” sort of way, “Hey, remember that hilarious parody that Weird Al made about grammar last year, it was awesome!” Beyond the humor and the entertainment value, I wonder if this would serve as a great video challenge for teachers of media and video production. Could you task your students with creating a parody video on par with this? Perhaps as a partnership with the fine arts department at your school? Sure, it would be a rather larger undertaking, but I’d love to see a classroom tackle creating something like this as project. Any takers?


5 Best Tablets [July, 2014]

GottaBeMobile - Tue, 07/15/2014 - 22:34

5 Best Tablets [July, 2014] is a post by Adam Mills from Gotta Be Mobile.

If you’re looking to buy a new tablet in the month of July, you’re going to run into a number of different options. In an effort to help those struggling to narrow down their tablet options, we take a look at the devices that we consider to be the five best tablets for the month of July.

As deeper and deeper into the year towards the fall, we’re starting to hear quite a bit about next-generation tablets that could litter the landscape this holiday season. Rumors point to the arrival of a Nexus 8 alongside a new Android L update and two new iPads in the form of a new iPad Air 2 and a new iPad mini third-generation or, iPad mini 3.

And while the rumor mill is certainly spinning, tablets like the Nexus 8, iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3 aren’t going to be out on shelves today or tomorrow. At best, you should see these tablets arrive in the fall ahead of the holidays and ahead of Black Friday, one of the biggest shopping days of the year.

While many consumers are comfortable waiting on the arrival of these brand new tablets, there are others that are likely in the hunt for a tablet right now either as a gift, as a replacement for another device, or simply because they’re impatient. If you fall under one of those categories, you’ve come to the right place because we want to help you narrow down your options going forward.

We are constantly bombarded with questions about which tablet to buy. In particular, we’re constantly asked about the tablets consumers should weigh against one another. There are a number of different devices that we could recommend, the tablet market is full of solid choices, but we want to narrow things down a bit and take a look at what we consider to be the top five.

These devices represent the devices that we’d recommend to friends and family. And while our list may differ from yours, these are the devices that Gotta Be Mobile editors have selected for recognition this month. We feel like the devices listed here deliver the best, all-around package for this month and this month alone.

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Here are the five best tablets for July, 2014.

.gbmslideshow { border-width: 0px; } #gbmslideshow { border-width: 0px; } iPad Air1 / 5

The iPad Air might just be the best iPad that Apple has ever made. It's so good that it's probably not going to leave this list until Apple decides to replace it with something new later this year. Rumors suggest that the iPad Air 2 could arrive earlier this year but a release date is still not known.

Apple trimmed the design of its larger iPad to the point that it's much more portable than any of the 9.7-inch iPads that came before it. The company also tacked on a 64-bit A7 processor with an M7 motion coprocessor making it more powerful than ever before. There's also a new camera for those that like to shoot photos and video with their slate.

As we've pointed out numerous times, the iPad Air isn't cheap but it's a device that will last users several years because Apple offers three years of software support before cutting devices off. It's a device worth investigating during the month of July, if only to rule it out.

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5 Best Tablets [July, 2014] is a post by Adam Mills from Gotta Be Mobile.


How to Take a Screenshot on the LG G3

GottaBeMobile - Tue, 07/15/2014 - 20:28

How to Take a Screenshot on the LG G3 is a post by Cory Gunther from Gotta Be Mobile.

The new LG G3 is finally available throughout the world and coming this week to all major US carriers, and consumers are finally starting to get their hands on the brand new smartphone.

LG’s handset is packed full of advanced features and technology, like the laser auto-focus on the back for the camera, but one thing we constantly get questions about is something as simple as taking a screenshot. Whether you want to screenshot funny posts on Facebook, memes from the World Cup, or even important emails, screenshots are an easy way to save important things from your screen.

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This feature or trick is an old one that’s been available from the same method on Android for years, but one that many consumers want to learn right away and start enjoying. There are two ways LG G3 owners can take a screenshot. One which has been the same for years and years, and the other is the same as other LG phones like the G2, using QuickMemo. A few buttons or swipes on screen are all you’ll need to do.

If you’ve ever owned or used an Android device in the past few years you’ll be right at home and probably won’t even need to search how. However, if you’re new to smartphones, an Android convert leaving the iPhone or Windows Phone, below are the few simple steps you’ll need to take in order to capture and save a screenshot.

For those confused. A screenshot (or screencap) is essentially our smartphones capturing and saving whatever is on the screen. This can then be edited or cropped to get exactly what you want, and comes in extremely handy for a variety of uses.

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As mentioned above, saving a screenshot is ridiculously easy on Android devices, and the same can be said for all LG phones. All you’ll need to do is simply push and hold both the power button and the volume down key at the same time. Since the G3 has the buttons on the back this may feel odd, but place your finger in a location in which it can press both at the same time.

Briefly push and hold both buttons and let go, and you’ll see the animation on screen and hear the screenshot capture. That’s it. Your phone saves whatever was being displayed, and can be accessed from the gallery. From here you can share it as you’d like, or go into edit mode and crop out the edges while adding some flair with any of the many editing tools available to Android.

If you try and it doesn’t work, try again. It’s all about hitting them at the same time with a brief pause, then letting go. Timing is everything, and it’s easy one you figure it out.

However, there’s a second method that’s technically even easier, although I still find myself using the above method out of habit. LG has a feature called QuickMemo+ which is essentially a way to quickly and easily take notes or reminders, as well as screenshots.

If fumbling with the rear buttons and trying to get the timing down right isn’t your thing, the QMemo+ option might be your best bet instead. This built-in feature is just a swipe away. Simply slide your finger from the bottom bezel of the screen up, and you’ll get a circle of options as shown below. These are Google Voice commands, Google Now, and QuickMemo+.

Slide your finger to the QuickMemo+ option and it will instantly take a screenshot of whatever was on the display. Then LG has tools to draw on the screen, take notes, and much more, but this works equally as well for screenshots and simply hit save up top. Head into your picture gallery and find the image, and you’re all set.

That’s it, you’re all done. Those are the two extremely quick and simple ways to take a screenshot on the brand new LG G3 smartphone.

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How to Take a Screenshot on the LG G3 is a post by Cory Gunther from Gotta Be Mobile.


New Nexus 5 Android 4.4.4 KitKat Update Rolling Out

GottaBeMobile - Tue, 07/15/2014 - 20:12

New Nexus 5 Android 4.4.4 KitKat Update Rolling Out is a post by Adam Mills from Gotta Be Mobile.

A new Nexus 5 Android 4.4.4 KitKat update is rolling out to tackle Android 4.4.4 KitKat problems though the update appears to be limited to certain devices in certain parts of the world.

Last month, Google pushed out a trio of updates including Android 4.4.3 KitKat, Android L beta, and Android 4.4.4 KitKat. Android 4.4.3 KitKat arrived early in the month with a number of bug fixes aimed at Android 4.4.2 KitKat problems. In the days after the Android 4.4.3 KitKat update release, Google pushed out Android 4.4.4 KitKat, a small update with a crucial OpenSSL patch on board. The update quickly moved out to Google’s Nexus devices and weeks later, only the Nexus 7 LTE remains on Android 4.4.3 KitKat.

In the weeks since the Android 4.4.4 KitKat push, we’ve seen Nexus 5, Nexus 7, Nexus 10, and Nexus 4 users complain about a number of Android 4.4.4 KitKat problems. Many users have been hoping for a new Android 4.4.4 KitKat update or an Android 4.4.5 bug fixer before the arrival of Android L and it appears that some Nexus users got their wish today.

Google has released a brand new Nexus 5 Android 4.4.4 KitKat update into the AOSP. The update is dubbed Android 4.4.4_r2 (or kitkat-mr2.2-release) and KTU84Q and its binaries and factory images are now available to Nexus 5 users. The update is a maintenance release that is aimed at tackling a few Android 4.4.4 KitKat problems. Problem is, the update is only available for a select number of Nexus 5 variants.

This new Nexus 5 Android 4.4.4 KitKat update is available only to Nexus 5 owners on  2Degrees in New Zealand, Telsrta in Australia and India. It’s not rolling out for the United States or any other regions. It appears that the update has a new radio image which means that it’s likely tackling connectivity issues on Nexus 5 variants in those regions.

An OTA doesn’t appear to have landed just yet so those that are looking to get this new Android 4.4.4 KitKat update and its fixes will need to flash using the appropriate files from Google’s AOSP. Only those that are adept at sideloading will want to install. Those who aren’t familiar will simply want to wait for the OTA roll out to arrive in the days, hours or weeks ahead.

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Unfortunately, it’s not clear if Google has plans for other devices. These issues are very specific and with the fall fast approaching, it’s possible that Google will simply rely on the Android L update to fix the company’s Android 4.4.4 KitKat problems. An Android L release is rumored for the fall alongside a brand new Nexus 8 tablet from Google and HTC.

Android 4.4.4 KitKat problems have emerged in the days since the update’s release and while they don’t appear to be as widespread or as devastating as Android 4.4.2 KitKat issues, users are running into some kinks in Google’s latest update.

Google’s product forums are littered with complaints about Android 4.4.4 KitKat. Nexus 5 owners are complaining about bad battery life. Nexus 7 owners are running into Wi-Fi issues inside Android 4.4.4. Nexus 5 owners are encountering keyboard lag, Nexus 4 owners are bringing up issues with the dialer, and Nexus 7 users say that they’ve run into random reboots after replacing Android 4.4.3 KitKat with Android 4.4.4. This is just a small sample of the issues, the forums are littered with plenty of other complaints.

With no Android 4.4.5 KitKat update in sight, Android 4.4.4 users that are having problems should keep an eye on the product forums. Google employees and moderators will often issue temporary fixes. One of those fixes is to be boot the device into safe mode in order to isolate issues with third-party apps. Third-party apps have a tendency to cause problems after an update.

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New Nexus 5 Android 4.4.4 KitKat Update Rolling Out is a post by Adam Mills from Gotta Be Mobile.


Timberman Cheats Offer High Scores for Next Flappy Bird

GottaBeMobile - Tue, 07/15/2014 - 14:21

Timberman Cheats Offer High Scores for Next Flappy Bird is a post by Josh Smith from Gotta Be Mobile.

Timberman is the most addicting and frustrating iPhone and Android game since Flappy Bird, and it’s not just another Flappy Bird clone. If you need a high score or want more characters there are already Timberman cheats to help you get there faster.

Instead of flapping some odd creature through pipes, Timberman is a new simple and addicting game that recreates the fun and frustration of tap, tap, tapping your way through increasingly difficult levels, while you race against the clock.

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Timberman is easy to start playing, but you’ll need to work on your timing and speed to move past the first two levels. Instead of flapping through tougher openings you need to switch between sides of a tree to avoid limbs as you chop down an endless tree.

Timberman cheats help users get a Timberman high score without all the work.

After spending 5 minutes playing Timberman you’ll either uninstall it or be hopelessly addicted to going farther before a limb kills your lumberjack or you run out of time.

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Watch the Timberman app in action in the video below to see how far you can go when you know what you’re doing and get your timing down right. As you get a higher score you can share on Twitter, to challenge your friends, or to simply brag that you scored higher than 20 chops.

Timberman includes 10 Timbermen that you can unlock when you advance and four environments that change as you plan and advance.

Use Timberman cheats to get a better score on this addictive new game.

Download Timberman for iPhone and iPad for free on the App Store. Download Timberman for Android free form the Google Play Store.

Simply put, Timberman is a fun and addictive that delivers the appeal of the original Flappy Bird thanks to perfectly balanced timing and levels that elicit groans and excitement equally.  Timberman reviews rang from “This is the next flappy bird!!” to Incredibly Lame and Unentertaining,” which sums up the love it or hate it nature of these types of games.

“Honestly the most fun game I’ve found since flappy bird. It’s incredibly addicting and unlockable characters makes it more fun.” – Dhjvbttth

“I love it. It’s a great way to waste you time. The soundtrack is awesome and also has a creepy heart pounding feel to it.” – AvianAnarchy

“The next Flappy Bird Nails that perfect mix of simplistic controls and difficult-to-master gameplay.” – Shane O’Donnell

“Weirdly entertaining Could do with a lot less ads though. When you have IAP, why force ads at the same time?” – Asim Aryal

Aside from Timberman crashes on some Android devices the biggest complaint is the number of ads. After you complete a run through Timberman you’ll see an ad, which is easy to tap as you try to get to the next level. There are no in-app purchases in Timberman for iPhone and iPad, but on Android you can unlock all Timberman characters and remove ads forever with a payment.

Timberman Cheats & Hacks

Some Timberman cheats allowed users to use any of the Timberman characters without unlocking them through gameplay, as shown in the video below.

Unfortunately this and other Timberman cheats appears closed. If you have not updated you may still be able to use this Timberman cheat to use other players.

If you are jailbroke you can use Timberman cheats to get a higher score. This will not hack the gameplay, but you can use this Timberman hack to enter your own high score.

You’ll need an iPhone or iPad with a jailbreak and iFile to edit the file that Timberman stores your high score in. There’s no prize for a high score, but that won’t likely stop users from relying on Timberman cheats and hacks to get a higher score to show in GameCenter and on Twitter.

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Timberman Cheats Offer High Scores for Next Flappy Bird is a post by Josh Smith from Gotta Be Mobile.

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