The NBA Basketball Player Link Finder

Kenrick Mock

This little CGI program will find the shortest link between two players in the National Basketball Association. Players have a link of one if they played for the same team in the same year. For example, Chris Webber and Jason Williams have a link of one since they both played for the Kings in the year 2000. However, Chris Webber has a link of two to Michael Jordan - Webber played with Bill Wennington for the Kings in 1999, and Wennington played with Jordan for the Bulls in 1997.

To find the connection, select two players from the menus above and click "Find Connection."

This program is very similar to the Kevin Bacon or the Erdös Number game.

Note: The program only includes NBA players from 1996-2001. If I get data for older or newer teams, I will add it in, time permitting...

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