Project List for CSCE A470

The following are descriptions of some ideas for CSCE A470 projects.  If you select one of these projects then I can give you further information and can act as a user in many cases.

Application-Oriented Projects

When should classes be offered? A GUI tool would be helpful to manage multiple constraints, including but not limited to:

A GUI tool is desired that could allow easy visualization of ramifications if a particular time slot is selected or if the schedule is changed.

I post job opportunities that are passed on to me on the CS website, but the whole system could be improved. In this project you would make a web-based system where an hiring organization can request an account; if granted by the administrator then the hiring organization can post a job (title, qualifications, internship vs. full time, salary, etc.). Each job will also have an expiration date at which point the job posting will be removed. Students could register an account to be notified whenever any jobs matching their criteria have been posted.

Games of all types make excellent projects, as they require knowledge gleaned from algorithms to graphics and artificial intelligence.  Candidates include arcade games, adventure games, role-playing games, or networked games.

Research-Oriented Projects

For these projects, there is a delivery goal of a paper writeup suitable for submission to an appropriate conference.  If a paper is actually submitted and accepted, student travel funds might be available.

We have several eyetrackers and are looking for students to help on a variety of projects; one involves correlating eye data with ethical decision making; another uses gaze data to try to predict the user and possibly incorporating iris recognition or other user data; another involves piano playing and correlating gaze with keys pressed to determine the expertise of the piano player and ultimately develop a piano tutor.

International Relief & Development is partnering with us to visualize the status of initiatives for their international relief efforts. This would involve some server-based GIS analysis and development, including database access. CE faculty are currently developing a sensor system to communicate the status of a project via the cellular network. There is some interest in an Android app to interface with the sensors.

Information was sent previous about construction of a driving simulator; there are lots of opportunities here from system setup, software development, device integration, etc. See me if you have further questions.

Pick your own!

You are welcome and encouraged to pick your own project!  Run pre-proposal by instructor for approval. You are certainly welcome and encouraged to work with other faculty, especially if they are experts in the domain of your project. After projects are selected we will have a short project status update from each student every week.