HiQUE Tournament Final Results

Congratulations to all teams for an excellent tournament!  Here are the final results:

Elite Eight

Super_Mark vs. Joe Ted 'n Carol          winner: Super_Mark
Joe Ted 'n Carol vs. Super_Mark          winner: Super_Mark

smartclient vs. ExtremeAI                      winner: smartclient
ExtremeAI vs. smartclient                      winner: smartclient

Procrastinators vs. eko                          winner: Procrastinators
eko vs. Procrastinators                          winner: Procrastinators

Hiaku vs. jabberwocky                         winner: Hiaku
jabberwocky vs. Hiaku                         winner: Hiaku

Final Four

Super_Mark vs. smartclient                  winner: Super_Mark
smartclient vs. Super_Mark                  winner: Super_Mark

Procrastinators vs. Hiaku                      winner: Hiaku
Hiaku vs. Procrastinators                      winner: Hiaku


Super_Mark vs. Hiaku                         winner: Super_Mark
Hiaku vs. Super_Mark                         winner: Super_Mark

Your undisputed HiQUE champion is Super_Mark!  

The programs are available in my ~afkjm/tournament2 directory if you would like to try matches of your own.