Lab #1
Wednesday, January 25, 2006
Due at the end of the day

The purpose of this first lab is to introduce you to HTML, the concept of programming in text and viewing the results in another program (your web browser), ensure that your account works, familiarize you with using the swiki, and make sure that you can turn your program in via email.

Part 1 : Create a basic webpage

For this part of the lab your task is to create a webpage on your computer.  The webpage content can be anything you wish (even gobbledly-gook, although something meaningful would be nicer) but must contain the following elements:

For your reference, here is a template that you can use as a starting point.  You can copy/paste it into your file.

    <title>Title of my web Page</title>
        Body of your document and all your other tags go here...

View the webpage in your browser to make sure it is displaying the way you intend.

When you are done, email your HTML file to .   Normally you won't have to email me any of your labs (but you will have to email your homework assignments), but I ask that you email this HTML file so I can verify that I can successfully receive email from you.

Part 2 : Post on the swiki

The swiki is short for "squeak wiki", which is a collaborative hypertext environment that works allows anybody to create and edit pages on a swiki web site.  It generally provides an easier environment for making web-content than by doing everything by scratch using HTML tags.

The purpose of part 2 is to just introduce you to the swiki.  Go to the main course web page at and click on the "swiki" link.  Navigate to "Labs and Assignments" and "Who's Who".

1. Enter your name inside *'s in the box above, for example, *Bill Gates*

2.  Click the "add to this page" button once you are done. You will now see your name on the page with a "Create" button next to it. Click on this button to create your own siki page.

3.  After clicking on the "Create" button, you should see a new page where the title is your name. Personalize your page clicking the edit button. Erase the default text and add your major, your year, your hometown, your hobbies, and your favorite movie. Click "save" after you're done. 

If you click on the "Help" button, then a help page will display with a variety of "tags" to allow you to markup your page.  For example, | makes a table, _ makes a horizontal line, and = can be used to preserve text.  Feel free to experiment with these features a bit.

You can change this page anytime you want - just go to the page and click on the "edit" link at the top.

Part 3 : Show your work to your instructor

Show me the webpage you created in part 1 and the swiki post you made in part 2, and I will mark you down with a lab grade.  Labs are graded on a scale of 0 to 3:

0:  Nothing done
1:  Attempt made, but far from complete
2:  Attempt made, and mostly complete
3:  Everything completed in the lab

Later in the day I'll reply to your email to let you know if it was received.   If you don't get a reply in the next few days then the email may have been lost and you should contact me to see what happened.