Exercise #8 - Debugging I Spy

The zip file linked below is a Visual Studio 2010 project that implements the I Spy game that we discussed in class to find the butterflies. Right click on the file and save it to your desktop or My Documents folder:


After the file has been saved, right-click it and choose "Extract All".   Make sure to extract the files from the Zip archive.  Visual Studio won't run correctly if you double-click and try to run the project from the zip file. You should be able to double-click on the ISpy.sln file to open the project.

The program is supposed to:

  1. Only allow the player to click on a butterfly once
  2. Quit when both butterflies have been found

However, the program has bugs.  There are some comments in the file to help you find them, but use the debugger to step through the MouseClick event to find the bugs and fix them.  Even if you can find the bugs by just looking at the code, use the debugger anyway to get some practice as to how it works.

Since your instructor will be out of town, email your completed exercise to kenrick@uaa.alaska.edu .