Exercise #1

Design the GUI for a simple single-question trivia game.  Pick the trivia question of your choice (something from your major) and place it on the form as a label.  Type your question into the text property.  Change the font and size to something other than the default.  Name the label lblQuestion.

Add another label and in its text property type the answer to the question.  Find the property that makes the label invisible (it will only be not visible when the program is run).  Name the label lblAnswer.

Use an appropriate caption for the entire form (the text property of the Form itself).

Add a button and name it btnShow.  In the text property put the text "Show Answer".   Double-click on the button which will switch you into code view.  In between the curly braces { } type in:

lblAnswer.Visible = true;

The whole thing should look something like:

        private void btnShow_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
            lblAnswer.Visible = true;
When you run the program, clicking the button should show the answer.

Find your project and make a zip file of the entire folder.  Show your work to your instructor to get credit for the exercise.