Homework #5
Due Friday 11/20, Midnight
Submit online via Blackboard 
20 points total

1) (5 points) Complete Alice Tutorial #1 in the CS lab on Thursday, November 12.  The CS Lab is in SSB 170.  Show your completed tutorial to your instructor by the end of the class period to receive the 5 points.  The lab will get crowded if everyone shows up at once, so you might want to come early (or a bit later) and when you are done with the tutorial please leave if people are waiting.

2) (5 points) Build a "wall" of four snowpeople (in the People folder) by tipping them over on their sides and piling them on top of one another.  Use methods and mouse controls to orient the snowpeople.   Save your alice world file "a2w" and upload it to submit your answer to this problem.

3) (10 points) Create an Alice program and world for the "Magnet Fun" story.  In this world, Mana (People) has a magnet (Objects) held out in her left hand.  Add three metallic objects of your choice to the world and one by one have Mana point the magnet at each object.  As Mana points the magnet toward an object, have the object move toward the magnet.  Have the last object be very large (perhaps a car from the Vehicles folder) so when Mana points at it, she instead is pulled toward the object while saying something like "Whoa!"

Use the "Vehicle" property of the magnet so it moves in coordination with Mana's hand (it's vehicle becomes Mana's hand).  Use the Move Toward or Move To or Orient To methods for the motion.  As with #2, upload your "a2w" file to submit your program solution.