CSCE 305 Home Page

Here is the syllabus for the course:

csce305syllabusfallof2017.doc  Syllabus


Here are the overheads for the course.  The contents of this folder are subject to editing as the course progresses.


androidoverheads  Folder containing MS PowerPoint files


            First assignment (a.k.a., midterm project) stuff:

            CSCE305MidtermProject.doc  This is the midterm project description and checkoff sheet.

csce305ThaiProjectHW1units  This is the folder containing the subfolders for the first block of homework assignments.


            Final Project stuff:

            CSCE305FinalProject.doc  This is the final project description.

            CSCE305FinalProjectContractCheckoffSheet.doc  This is the contract and checkoff sheet for the final project.