Biographies of our Workshop Speakers

Dr. James Choike Dr. Choike is a Professor of Mathematics at Oklahoma State University. He received his PhD. in mathematics from Wayne State University. Dr. Choike has earned many teaching awards, including the Award for Faculty Excellence at Oklahoma State University in 2000. He was awarded the prestigious 1995 Mathematical Association of America Award for Distinguished University or College Teaching of Mathematics (Oklahoma-Arkansas region). In 1995, Dr. Choike was also chosen for an OSU Regents Distinguished Teaching Award.

Dr. Choike served as chair of the National Mathematics Committee for The College Board's EQUITY 2000 school reform project and has often been an AP Reader of Calculus AB and BC exams. He has been an invited speaker many times at College Board conferences on Advanced Placement Mathematics. He has instructed mathematics courses for high school students via distance learning technology since 1986. He is determined to offer the highest quality instruction with all the support services students need to succeed and develop confidence in themselves.

His projects in middle school and elementary education include the Star Schools: The New Millennium Oklahoma State University project directed towards improving, via distance education, the science and mathematics preparation of middle school science and mathematics teachers and the Algebra for All project, which features online professional development for middle school teachers in algebra content and pedagogy.

His interests in mathematics are topics in complex analysis, especially the behavior of functions near singularities; applied mathematics, especially problems that arise in an industrial and multi-disciplinary setting; and the history of mathematics, especially the development of mathematics by cultures other than western/European cultures.