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Web Page Tutorial 

Your web page is located at:

To create your web page, you must log on to mazzy (or any Linux of the machines) and create a public_html directory in your home directory. The file index.html will be accessed when someone goes to the address above; otherwise, any other files in the public_html directory can be accessed by directing your browser to them directly. This can be done by appending /filename to the above address.

If anyone is going to be able to see your pages, you must also change the permissions on your home directory and public_html directory.

To make these directories available to others, on the Unix command line, type chmod a+x ~ and chmod a+x ~/public_html.

To make sure any files in public_html are readable by everyone, type chmod -R a+r ~/public_html.

Now you should be ready to go! If you are not HTML savvy, here are a few good web resources:

  • WebMonkey - basic tutorial, HTML cheatsheet, HTML articles
  • HTMLGoodies - tutorials, HTML reference, etc.