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Connecting to Your Bigmazzy Account From Home

To connect from home, you need to use a secure shell client. A good one (and the one that is also available on the lab machines) is putty.

To use putty, simply enter as the host name, select SSH as the protocol, and then click Open.

Please note we have renamed Mazzy to Bigmazzy and the example images do not reflect the name change. Please substitute "Bigmazzy" for all references to "Mazzy".

If this is the first time you've connected, putty will ask you if you want to save the settings for this host. If you plan on using putty often, you should do this. Next, a window will popup asking for your username and password. Once you enter those, you're in! From here, you have access to bigmazzy just as in the lab, and any files you put in your home directory will show up on your Windows H: drive.

To transfer files to and from your home computer, you will need a secure copy client, such as WinSCP. To use WinSCP, enter as the host, enter your username and password in the appropriate fields, and leave 22 as the port.

After you click Login, it will take a few moments to connect to your bigmazzy account. Once you are connected, you will get a split screen that pops up. On the left side are the files on your home computer, and on the right are all your files on mazzy account. From here, you can easily transfer files back and forth.