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CS Lab Policy  

Outstanding Limits

  • Page limit (# pages user can print per semester): 150
  • Disk quota (for home directory): 128 MB

Rules and Restrictions

You cannot:

  • Share your account with another person
  • Leave your account logged in when you leave
  • Lock a workstation for more than a few minutes
  • Have food or drinks in the lab
  • Play music, except on headphones
  • Leave the door open when the lab is unattended after hours
  • Try to fix problems with the machine yourself (please contact a  tech)

Additionally, you must follow the rules outlined in the Acceptable Use Policy from ITS.

Also, please turn off the lights if you are the last person to leave the lab.


Computer Science Tutoring Policy

  • Tutors are provided to help you solve a specific programming problem, understand a problem, design a solution, and learn strategies to find solutions yourself.

  • Tutors are provided to help YOU write and debug your programs, not to personally write or debug an entire program for you step by step. You should request tutor assistance only when you are stuck and need clarification. A tutor may write code samples or portions of your program for you as an example for the rest of your program.

  • When submitting your code acknowledge any assistance received, especially if it includes code developed by a tutor or other source.

  • If the tutor's assistance is insufficient for you to make progress on your own then see your instructor.

  • Tutors are not allowed to help you for an extended period of time while others are waiting (about 5 minutes).

  • Recognize that the tutors are students, not instructors. Some topics may lie beyond the tutor's expertise. If you need more help than the tutor can provide, see your instructor.