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Frequently Asked Questions

What is my username? Is it the same as for my general university account?

It is most likely your last name followed by your first initial. This is a separate account from your university account.

If I need help with my general university account, whom do I contact?

You must contact ITS. We have no authority over that account.

Can I have an account if I am not in a computer science course?

Usually not. Excepted are those who are working on an incomplete in a CS course.

Do I get email with my account?

Your email address is:

You can access your email by using pine on mazzy (type pine on the command line), or you may use any email client of your liking (Outlook Express, Netscape, Eudora, etc). Our mail server is an IMAP server at:

Can I create a web page?

Yes; refer to the Web page tutorial.

How much can I print?

The limit is 150 pages per semester, but is negotiable depending on need.

Where should I store my files?

Try to store everything on your X: drive (in windows) or your home directory (on mazzy). This is the most widely available and spacious storage option.

I forgot my password. How do I get it reset?

Please come by the labtech office with a picture ID. We cannot send passwords over email or give them over the phone.

How do I contact the labtechs?

The labtechs reside in CAS Room 171, right by the Computer Science lab. You may view our official schedule, but it is likely that at any given time, one of us is available. If we are not in our room, try one of the following: Check both of the labs (the upper and lower lab) If your still can't find us, send an email describing the problem in as much detail as possible and the name(s) of the computer(s) affected to: Or call us at: 786-1823.